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  1. Hello and thank you for replying. It is with Supercover Insurance Ltd. Jackie
  2. Please could you provide me with some advice. I had my mobile phone stolen from a shop I work in 10 days ago. I have had cover with this company for 18 months. I did everything necessary reporting the incident to the police, vodaphone and then to the Insurers. They have written back stating the gadget had been left unattended and have refused my claim. If it had of been on my person then that would have been Robbery not the theft that I reported. The phone was on the counter which is covered with tvs, advertising boards etc and a computer. The thief had to reach to the side of the computer to get it. I was never more then 2 feet away from the counter at any time. Obviously whilst being distracted the thief stole my phone. Incidentally how else can you have your phone stolen if it isnt unattended? I would assume unattended to be in an unlocked car with no one present, or in a different room to the one you are in or similar situations. I have appealed and said i will report this matter to the FOS and also my MP as this insurance company seems to have a horrendous reputation, if they refuse my appeal. Has anyone else been in the same boat as me, and were their appeals successful? I have always taken out insurance on every phone I have had for as long as mobile phones have been in existence and have never made a claim, I just think its disgraceful that they are trying to avoid sending me a replacement phone when I had it stolen or maybe they would have preferred me to be robbed! Many thanks
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