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  1. The only things they gave me were the gas certsnothin else
  2. sorry bit new to renting and not sure of my rights regarding this, all i wanted was these safety issues like an uncovered power socket in the kitchen to have a new cover on it, basic safety issues, ive lost faith in them now and want out
  3. yes I have logged with them the day after the start of the tenancy, again they ignored this and also voiced my concerns again in an e mail to their directors the following week. They again ignored this, said that the hadn't received it then in the same conversation mentione something i had only brought up in the e mail itself, joke really. Do i have the right to cancel on these terms without them being able to hold me to the full 6 month period ?
  4. Where do i stand ? Letting agent let previous tennant leave house disgrace, i move in e mail the next day with safety issues and windows broken, they say they will have someone contact me, they dont, three months later still nothing, do i have the right to cancel the tenancy and move on without penalties ?
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