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  1. Back on original thread now had Tribunal Hearing, stated that I only found out that documents I had issues with and that they had been tampered with, as you said initially he was not too happy, but when explained I received very late night before bundle finalized and witness statement exchanging following day he rejected their solicitors comment that I had not made them aware, as I had not had sufficient time. Postponed the full hearing for another day until they supply the originals, expected June, he wanted to consult diaries. Waiting for the correspondence from Judge to confirm
  2. In checking they were in my original letter to the solicitor as to what I wanted inclued in the bundle, they did not tell me they were attached to the file I emailed them. Please someone answer
  3. Help please, I have just noticed that some documents which I wanted to be in the bundle for the hearing are not there. The error was mine as I did not forwarded them to the respondents' solicitor. What is the process for the introduction of new documents is it allowed or please advise on the best course of action. R
  4. Hi anyone Some more help needed as I have received a first draft copy of the bundle, in it there are a number of 'notes' of meetings which never took place. Any ideas on the most sensible way to counter these comments?
  5. Browncow Sorry for the delay, yes the Respondant requested a PHR so that it could be struck out but the Tribunal decided against the PHR. I am preparing the informaion for the 'bundle' now. Many thanks for your help.
  6. A little help needed have recieved the ET3 today and directions order. What does the following mean: ' It would not be an efficient use of the tribunals or the parties' time to list a phr' Many thanks
  7. Yes a deadline date has been set for the information to be recieved 7 days before the hearing, which has been set, they are presently under obligation to only complete the ET3 form. Have you had chance to consider the contract of employment specifically relating to an act which has been superceeded? Kind Regards R
  8. Becky The company handbook states that it not allowed to be photocopied, as a result I am within my rights to request additional copies from my employer and any other documents which I would like for the bundle? Also even if a piece of legislation is superceded, can a company elect to not follow it by implication stating that your contract of employment is in respect of another act? Regards Roger
  9. Becky The company handbook states that it not allowed to be photocopied, as a result I am within my rights to request additional copies from my employer and any other documents which I would like for the bundle?
  10. Hi Becky Have used loss of chance in the claim one important question I do have my contract of employment ststes that it is in accordance with the requirements of the Employments Protection Act (Consolidation) 1978, would it be to fanciful to state that therefore my employment is under the provisons in this act? Roger
  11. Hi Becky I have submitted my claim and it has been accepted and a date set for the hearing, as a result I am currently in the process of sorting out the relevant documentation. Would you be availble to answer any questions? Kind Regards Roger
  12. Becky Many thanks for you help in this. Firstly, upon my dismissal I received actually no paper work whatsoever, other than a excel spreadsheet outlining what they would be giving me. It was only after I wrote to them stating they were in breach of contract that they responded. They stated that I had been dismissed due to poor performance, I responded that they should therefore have followed the disciplinary procedure in my contract which I quote “the disciplinary procedure may be invoked by management in several circumstances, and particularly in cases where improvement is sought f
  13. I have seen many sites stating this:- "Wrongful dismissal should not be confused with unfair dismissal. Wrongful dismissal is based on contract law, as well as statute. If an Employer dismisses an Employee, and in doing so, the Employer acts in breach of his contractual obligations or in breach of his statutory obligations to give the Employee notice, then the Employer will be liable to the Employee, for damages for wrongful dismissal. Any damages will be assessed on the basis of what the Employee would have received had the Employer not breached the contract. Failure by the Employer
  14. Many thanks for all you help, one perhaps final question hopefully, could I claim for wrongful dismissal as they were in breach of contract with referecne to not following the disciplinary procedures as set out in my contract of employment?
  15. Becky No worries well so close and yet so far as they say. 2 to 3days Sorry to bother you further but could it not be said that they did not follow the correct disciplinary procedure due to the fact that if they did I would have qualified under the 12 month rule. Secondly, although not an actual point my poor performance as Head of Sales resulted in a 4 fold increase in profit from in 2011 over 2010, the fact was quite simply the MD did not like me and he said as much. Many thanks anyway Roger
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