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  1. Well, clearly my request was completely ignored - not even the courtesy of a response! So I was lied to then by another site member! What benefit is there to CAG in refusing to close an account? Why are you so adamant that people cannot be allowed to close and leave? Of course, if it got around too many people may close accounts and then the number of members might decline noticeably. It's not as if it's a case of concern that someone might close one account and open another - there is apparently no restrictions on the number of accounts one can have. I think it's a matter of respect for people which I'm not seeing here, and there is no warning when one joins that one can never close an account. I cannot claim to have donated very much to this site but I've given when I can even when long term unemployed and now retired on basic pension, which is more than most people apparently do. There is no respect for people here any more.
  2. Yes I know. That is what I have been doing but they will not reply. Not to any of them.
  3. I don't seem to be able to get through to Virgin that I just want a response by email to my simple query about why I've been charged for two landline calls that were in my allowance (never use it all up these days). I have received no response to this - just keep getting someone phoning me up, from abroad so the signal keeps coming and going, echoing on the line so every word I say is repeated, I cannot understand them half the time because of the poor line quality and that their regional accents are hard to understand. demanding the whole password and security answers, and completely ignoring what I say to them, which is not good enough. I have asked them to stop calling me, but they keep doing it - I've had to turn my phone off to get some peace last night and I don't see why I should pay to call CS to tell them they've made an error and ask for the overcharge to be refunded. And I'd like it in writing - so I have proof that they are going to refund it. Is there a rep here who can sort this out and get the bill corrected?
  4. No-one has answered, but if you haven't heard anywhere else, I'd say you need to get a solicitor's help with this amount, just to be on the safe side. The OFT have a very helpful leaflet it's a download pdf OFT698 which is actually a guide for businesses on distance selling. I'd say you need to get a solicitor not just for your claim as you need to get it sorted, but to consider whether his counter claim is vexatious.
  5. Hi I don't know what help you have received if any so far for your condition, but if you've not done so already, please contact the NAS and ask them for guidance and any other help they can give. Your traits that you mention are very common for people with and autistic spectrum disorder and should be taken into consideration as definable impairments. Do you have a GP who is supportive? If not, I would also recommend finding if there is a lead Mental Health GP you can register with who will be supportive in writing letters to give a formal confirmation of the impairments you suffer on a daily and continual basis. The key thing is that you have a disability which is recognised now under the Disability Discrimination at Work Act - but the NAS will also be able to give you more help and information about your rights and what you can insist on.
  6. Thank you for your input and explanation, Malc. As it is, I've managed to achieve a resolution without the stress of involving the Ombudsman but with other assistance to mediate. So I'll leave it at that, thank you.
  7. If you can demonstrate the cost of the phone calls, the postage costs etc, there is no reason why you should not be successful in claiming for those charges. The difficulty is claiming for emotional distress etc and finding a suitable and realistic sum as it's not something you can prove. If, for example, you had to take a day off work because you could not deal with all the problems whilst at work and you could not deal with them after working hours, then if you can prove you lost that day's pay as a result of BCB's error, then again, you should be able to claim for this, but equally you should take legal advice. If there has been a wrongful entry in your credit rating and that has cost you to have rectified, you could claim for that. Claiming for the loss of the mortgage however could be difficult as you would have to prove it was as a direct result of your credit rating having been adversely affected by this saga. So again, some things should be no problem in claiming, others need careful consideration and legal clarification, plus evidence in support of the claim. Have you sat down and listed all the actual losses (eg phone calls, postage, trips to PO) to start to get an idea? Then put down all the areas where you believe you have suffered loss and if there is any evidence to support this, or if you need to find out if you have any chance of a claim, and then if it's worth going to a solicitor for advice. When you send a letter before action, you state what you are claiming and what for, plus remind the debtor that if you pursue the claim via the courts, this will include the court fees. So decide if you just want to pursue the clear evidential losses or want to be compensated for more than those.
  8. E.ON I am not being given the opportunity to write higher up the chain and my letters have been marked as a complaint - well actually the complaint has been opened by them since April. This guy is just deciding that he's going to send the deadlock letter anyway so presumably, once that has happened, no-one will deal with it at E.ON any more. But my question about how to deal with the Ombudsman is what worries me. I was hoping when I first emailed that it would prompt E.ON to respond to all my concerns, give me clear information about what they were doing, and frankly, not consider that 60p was compensation for one error, or that £5 for not getting it right was a genuine offer that showed they understood just how 'not right' they had got it. What happens if the Ombudsman rejects my complaint or sides with the company?
  9. Not sure if I've posted about this or if this is the best place to post so please move it if it's' not. Apart from my success for my son via the FOS (separate post on that board) I also had success with two other bank accounts for him. The first was NatWest and as I was just trying anything to get the debts written off, I approached them with the facts (again) about my son's disabilities and minimal prospects of any meaningful employment. The upshot with my first attempt was that I managed to get an agreement to have the debt written off for I think something like 12%, which we managed to scrape together and it was marked as fully paid and closed. The last one I went for was Lloyds and with this, buoyed up by the success with Santander plus the very helpful info from the Ombudsman, I was able to get the debts written off on both accounts (one current and one an old Student Loan account which was more than 50% bank charges anyway). I don't know if that one was marked as paid in full on my son's credit record, but it's not something that is going to affect him that much. The most important thing is that now he is no longer being hassled and struggling to keep the payments going (having to remember to pay, getting confused and paying twice etc) he is managing his finances much better and more confidently. So, there are ways to go forward and to have debts written off and whilst it may not be completely clear on a credit record, if it helps someone to get their finances under control, then that has to be a big step forward.
  10. I completely forgot, I think ....... ....... to post about how the Ombudsman helped with my son's very long, ongoing trouble with Abbey / Santander. The lost paperwork, ignored letters, the list went on and on. My son is registered with a socio/learning disability so he had been getting into so many difficulties it was a mammoth task to work through it all. We appealed to the FOS on a couple of key issues which I had read carefully from Bankfodder and others as well as failing to handle the account fairly etc. We didn't win on the very unfair charges - which I think we should have as I argued that nowhere were these charges explained before they were incurred and they were penalties - ie when he spent up to £5 he was charged £5 every time, and when he spent £5.01 upwards, he was charged £15 for every payment. They had the option to stop his card but obviously didn't do so as it was a very nice little earner - or so they thought. The Ombudsman found in my son's favour because, despite having years of communication on the issue, the bank failed to have due regard to the MALG guidelines and act accordingly. She pointed out the catalogue of errors and her decision was to award my son £100 to be paid to him as compensation and NOT used to reduce the debt. We agreed and he was duly paid which helped him enormously as he was in real difficulties. That help didn't stop there. I then contacted Santander and asked them to consider writing the debt off given that my son had no prospects of any employment, was waiting for supported accommodation and his outlook was bleak. The upshot was they went straight back to their old games of refusing to discuss the matter with me (despite the Ombudsman pulling them up over their attitude towards us having to send in multiple letters of authority), refusing to then help my son with his finances and immediately sending out threatening letters, despite the FOS stating before that they were unacceptable in their content and had been harassment - and this is where the Ombudsman's ruling really kicked in, because by agreeing to the settlement, they also had to agree with her findings. So I went back to the FOS and explained what was happening, received advice from the person who had handled the complaint, and that gave me all the ammunition to go back to Santander and fight back at their behaviour. Result - my son had the whole of the debt (most of which was a result of their outrageous charges) written off completely with no comeback.
  11. Hi - sorry this is long. After being a loyal customer with an energy company for over 10 years, with only a few blips now and then, I have hit a brick wall since my last tariff ended and the new one I chose began. The problems, misinformation, errors, failure to correct errors, and confusion over the accounts piled in. I had been dealing with it over the phone but the CS rep just was not making sure the agreed actions were actioned. eg - gave her the meter readings for the change over which she said she had entered and agreed would be used, only to find the company used their own hugely reduced estimates so I was charged far more at the new higher prices. More phone calls and agreed outcomes failed to resolve matters - the situation remained the same except for the meter readings being adjusted. So I wrote to the Director of Customer Services Office - sent by RD. No response. Sent another letter three weeks later to ask for a response. No response. 18 days later, sent the email to the office asking for a deadlock letter. Found a very 'pushy' voicemail on my phone a couple of days later - exactly the kind of communication that I find very stressful as it's someone who just talks over your head and doesn't listen. On Monday I received a letter from the same person and I was really annoyed with it because not only did he admit dropping my case, but he went on to muddle things further, failed to address the specific concerns, stated refunds had been made which simply do not show up on the statement, couldn't find whether another refund had been made, offered 60p extra as a result and then offered £20 broken down into £5 for not getting it right, £10 for phone calls and £5 for not responding promptly. The worst thing was I had just 4 working days to respond or else he'd assume I was happy and close the case. He took over 6 weeks and only responded when I emailed, and then he gave me just 4 days to reply. I could have been away and found the case closed whether I was happy or not. Anyway, I responded in a letter detailing why I was not happy and what had not been resolved and why he had added further to the confusion and that I wanted the matter to be escalated to a senior manager for review. I sent it by email as I had not time to get it in the post without incurring a lot of extra costs to get it there on time. I received a reply by email that said he would escalate it but I had to phone him to discuss this. I was extremely unhappy as I had already made it clear I did not want to be having any more phone calls and I felt I was being manipulated by this person. So I repeated that I had asked for it to be escalated and saw no reason why I should have to call him. This is the kind of person who you find working for DCAs - pushy, shoving, no respect for people and I am not upsetting my health by having phone calls that are just a means to intimidate a customer. He suddenly emailed me to say that he would now send a deadlock letter and will not escalate the matter for a senior manger to decide. So, sorry about this, my only experience with an Ombudsman other than the FOS, has been very damaging both in morale, outcomes, and failing to actually even follow their own agreed procedures - ie changing their mind in favour of the Telecoms company despite all the evidence supplied to show I had given more than enough time for the matter to be resolved. I lost out considerably over that and it left me feeling very ripped off and allowing a company who were blatantly breaking the DSRs and contractual law to get away with it. So, as I am now being pushed to go the Ombudsman route, which will cause me more outlay and stress (I'm on pension credit as I don't get the full pension as well as being disabled so mobility is an issue) how do I go about making sure I present my case so that it doesn't get chucked out again, and, in anyone's opinion, am I likely to be awarded more for their repeated failures to sort things out than the £20.60, and, is the Ombudsman likely to address the other issues I have raised about their billing and changes to the agreed contract? Hope you're all still awake.
  12. Sirann - you need to raise a complaint and put everything on hold, including them taking any more from your CC. Let them know you are not happy with the service and that the glasses are completely unwearable. Then, for advice on how to proceed with this, contact these people: http://www.opticalcomplaints.co.uk/ They may tell you that you cannot open a dispute with them just yet, but they will help guide you through the process. Let Tesco know that you are seeking advice from them. You should go over everything carefully, log all the facts about what you're not happy with and include the fact that you feel they've required you to pay more to get a resolution that has not been satisfactory.
  13. Is there any chance this could go out as a news email to all CAGgers as there is only one month to appeal and many may lose out. Time is of the essence here.
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