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  1. Hi all, My father has held a credit agreement between himself & Barclays since October 2014 (Credit intermediary is Cathedral Motor Co). He's already had a phone call from the dealer about refinance / settlement for a newer model & he asked me to take a look at his agreement and see if I could work out a rough settlement figure. However I've read the agreement a couple of times now, I dont know if its late and I'm tired but I dont think it's been worked out correctly. On the Pre-Contract Credit Information it shows that the cars cash price is £10,145.00, of which m
  2. So it has taken them a year to respond - and now they have finally removed the entry from my credit report!!!! (Plus the other entry they talk about has been removed - which I find quite strange)
  3. Update. Thanks to the FOS, Shop Direct have agreed to refund the charges: [1] Very: A/c Written Off By Lowell - Charges: £228 [2] Kays: A/c Written Off By Lowell - Charges: £240 [3] Littlewoods: Lowell - Charges: £216 [4] Additions: CapQuest - Charges: £360 However as [1] & [2] have been written off nothing will be received. For [3] & [4] - Both Lowell (Balance £409) & Capquest (Balance £884) are both refusing to amend my credit report with the correct values/information. Lowell have stated to Experian that the entries are accurate and that: "The defau
  4. I have sent the following response in relation to the Charges: the guy from FOS responded a couple of hours later Thank you for your email. I will get back to you as soon as I have a response from the business regarding the impact of the PPI settlement. But I should say that what you have provided below is not sufficient for me to conclude there has been an error here. You are speaking in very general terms and have not provided any tangible figures or supporting evidence to show what has gone wrong. However, I will be in touch again as soon as I have heard back from S
  5. Hi all need some help with this. The chap dealing with the Charges enquiry has called and said that Shop Direct do not recognise any interest is due in relation to the charges. I've stated that there was interest applied on the account as per the rates in post #132. He has stated I have to do a brief outline as to what i believe the interest is for each of the accounts and why. He's also said that shop direct state that interest was only charged on Buy Now Pay Later when these came into effect, but I dont think that this is the case. Surely they should recognise some form of intere
  6. So since my last post.. FOS are going back to shop direct to enquire about the interest applied to the charges. AND 5mins ago I have has a phone call from the FOS regarding the PPI and they have said they are Upholding my complaint
  7. Hi All, I've received the following from FOS today in reference to the Charges on the 4 accounts. Please note as the letter states this does not include of effect the PPI claim for the accounts that was also submitted. Just a refresher on the balances of the accounts: [1] Very: (Account Interest Rate 44.90%) Balance £1080 - A/c Written Off By Lowell Charges: £228; PPI: £442.25 [2] Kays: (Account Interest Rate 44.90%) Balance £173 - A/c Written Off By Lowell Charges: £240; PPI: £52.40 [3] Littlewoods: (Account Interest Rate 29.90%) Balance £409 - Lowell Charges:
  8. I've responded with an email telling them to stop calling & submitted all of the letters I sent them first time round.
  9. I've just had a phone call and 2 emails from these!!! its been well over a year since i heard anything from them
  10. It got rejected... Then whilst we (me and brother) where dealing with our mom's one - it emerged that my mom has policies out that covered the household(life, contentes etc) I was unaware of this at the time of my claim, so I spoke to SD with this news... They paid my mom out based on this information BUT still rejected mine. I have a letter to the FOS sitting infront of me ready to be posted tomorrow.. I'm not settling for SD to say yes to my mom but no to me (despite me having claimed on the policy they can deduct that value from any award)
  11. so that means I'm screwed with the other account & also the fact that they are with CAPQUEST & LOWELL
  12. My mother took a call today from SD, I've rang them back and they've told me their final decision has been sent out. I asked what it was and they have stated despite the new information, they are still standing by their decision as none of the information I provided regarding being covered on my mothers House insurance or the family life insurance was relevant. I asked how and the woman just said, you have different personal circumstances to your mothers??? How can they award one person but not the other in the same household covered by the same policies? Is it
  13. Update. I got a reply back from my letter, they said "We note your comments from your letter with regards to the decision made on this case however, we can only reiterate that our decision remains the same and no refund of insurance will be given. Whilst we appreciate this may not have been the outcome you had hoped for we can confirm that this case has now been closed". Bit of a kick in the nuts. However, my brother has been dealing with my mom's KandCo ppi re-fund (I live in same house as mom) and he's successfully got them to refund 1.5k, so I rang ShopDire
  14. Do you think that the points I have made are relevant esp. the parts where she has contradicted T&C's, the way they offer the ins on the website, and the bit about other insurances & lack of checking suitability?
  15. Additional Line to add: Copy of the agreement attached. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46168[/ATTACH]
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