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  1. yes i have the prove as i have mentioned that in my online portal, there is mentioned that i have attended that job
  2. hi there, I was expected to work as an event security officer today at covent garden london with showsec event security. I got there on time and then the manager has given us the yellow shirts to put on but all those shirts were extra extra large and i usually wear small size so i asked the manger in a polite way that do u have other sizes in it and then he replied in really harsh and insulting way that "thats all i got if you want to wear then go ahead or otherwise go home" and i was kind of shocked at that moment that i didnt say anything wrong then why he treted me like this
  3. infect they were used to tell me other stories regarding my pay that they hvnt got the time sheets, they are looking in to this matter ,etc thats why i was waitng and couldnt took any further step.
  4. thanks for the prompt replay i am a newbie so , would u please do me a further favor by providing me some sample letters or templates of such type of letter so it ll be really easy for me to take a further step, (infect i have tried to open the given link but couldn't found anything) Thanks
  5. i did couple of jobs as event steward with a company in summer 2011 and i got the pay for my first job after been waiting and struggling for more than 6 months. last week when i called them to ask the pay for my second job which i also did in summer 2011 the refused to pay me straight away and told me that i have not attended that job or might be i forget to sign in and sign out but the reality is i did that job and also did sign the attendance sheets moreover this is what mentioned on my online portal that i have attended that job, so when i told them that i have done that job and this is als
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