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  1. Thanks Crocdoc!! Tbh I have no idea if it is my debt as all they have told me is that I owe it to their 'client' another dca, so I have no idea what it's for! I shall get the 'prove it' letter out ASAP...is it in the library? Thanks again:)
  2. Hi I really need some help on where I stand.... Around the 18th of march I received a trace letter in my maiden name ( I've been married for 10months)from Lowell/Rockwell, after reading these forums I decided to bin it as, as far as I am aware, the only debt I have I am paying off. yesterday 2nd April i received a letter from rockwell saying i owe their client Arrow Global £199.04 and i have 10 days from the date of the letter 28th March to pay in full or call them to provide a full income/outgoing expenditure list if i want to pay in instalments. As the letter took 4/5 days to get t
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