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  1. Ok - the 5 companies...owned by the same people? pulling their annual return from Companies house will tell you who...You have to follow the paper trail....
  2. Maybe I am missing something but people with CCJ are either idiots (for taking on debt which cannot be paid) or unlucky (if income has disappeared which could not be foreseen / fallen on multiple hard luck etc). Frausters can either have a clean credit record, or lots of CCJs etc. They are not necessarily related. You can't become a teacher if you have Police Caution, no matter how long ago for smoking a joint.......discrimination? Unfortunately not everything in life is fair. Maybe, just maybe, think about the person on the otherside of the debt which wasn't paid. "Oh its a
  3. That was going to be my question: are you being asked to move a bottle of gas on a trolley or via some complex mechanism / including connection / disconections? Or asked in a different style - is the H&S (only doing 1 out 3 training courses) piece have some degree of spanish working practise attached to it? It does to the lay man to be honest. I can simpathise with your employer to be honest of more of the latter, especially if you are being perceived as "stiring"....... However 12 weeks supension? What on earth is that about? It is very rare for investigation to take more than a
  4. If I paraphase the situation slightly differently: You have been there 14 years as a pub chef (which is eon in chef tenure). You've publically questioned the a member of management (who is also the boss' wife) in public in a very unprofessional way. You didn't get the book thrown at you? I would be moving on either internally (by keeping your head down), or moving out to a new establishment. Like others, the rest of this is just petty rubbish. People on here a keen to help people in genuine strife - I sorry but this just sounds self inflicted and unremorseful.
  5. On face value, it appears that you are perceiving an issue, which they are not seeing. Can I ask a question - what is your qualifications / career aspirations / training courses that you have versus what they were suggesting. That way we'll be able to comment on the perception. Gut feeling about asking for a change of advisor - yes, I think it is wrong. Try an influence me otherwise....?
  6. sorry for highjacking the OP thread... if you are ACMA, why would you invest (or a company sponsor you through) in ACA? Your reasons are valid (we're all chasing the dollar), but you don't need that to work in practise - only when you want to sign of accounts in your name will it be an issue - and there are som simple ways round that....
  7. I would not be worried for the following reasons: 1. Under PAYE regime, this is a company liability (essentially the company are telling you bog off in their affairs) - no recourse to you 2. Yes they would pay you net. They would also pay you this outside of the payroll run (so to close the matter swiftly rather than waiting for he next payroll. 3. But most importantly, they have paid you gross as a PILON, which is tax free. If any subsequent investigations say that PILON not correct and it should be taxable, HMRC would go for reimbursement from the company. Therefore I wou
  8. Sorry for being persistant here, but I don't believe all is lost. You simply cannot put liabilities into a company and ask for it to be liquidated whlist tading from other enties....There will be recourse between the entity being stuck off and the existing business which is clearly still trading.... Without knowing a little more - sounds like a group of connected companies...did your judgment specify who was the judgement against? What about a small claims court application against the directors personally?
  9. wierd - I had apoint to make - not 4 points to make! Sorry!!
  10. AAT and ATT are completely different things! You need to make a decision as to whether you want to work in practise (A firm of accountants) or industry (working in the accounting department): AAT will take 2-3 years from memory and is good entry level stuff more suited to roles such order processing, AR or AP entry. You will probably struggle with getting a role which offers CIMA (industry) or ACCA (practise). Given your on here asking these question - ignore ACA, that doesn't sound appropriate for you. The industry is well servered by recruitment agents - give them a call
  11. What I suggest you do is get a copy of the annual accounts from Companies House (£2 from memory). Then speak a solictor - they will often speak to you for 30 minutes for free. Unfortuntely what you have learnt is that getting a judgement is one thing, enforcing a judgment is a different thing. The directors will have to give warrenties for striking a company from the record in this fashion - lying is not acceptable. If any of the directors are "professiona"l people (lawyers, accountants etc) then you will also have recourse to their professional body. This will be listed in annual return
  12. You want to work for a company that cannot fill out an employment contract? Yes some terms are negotiable (salary, bonus, benefits, notice periods, probation periods, restraint on leaving clauses Some clauses are not: applicable law, confidentiality etc. What kind of clauses did you change?
  13. without knowing any facts, 5 months plus you notice period would be at the top end of settlements. If you push too much higher - then the employer might take a view that by fighting it through the courts would be worth the hastle. As someone else has said - draw a line and move your life one would be my advise!
  14. Maybe I am being a little harsh, but much of what you say is mitigating circumstances (long service, doing all the extra tasks) will not taken into account. Certainly line manager inneptidude will not have witness statements o accompany the paprwork. The depression - I am not sure how you would stand if ypu have not told them previously - could also fall into that camp. What I think your saying is that he has given discounts, upgrades when not allowed to. Certainly in a large volume business as car hire, this appears to be very harsh. Do you have multiple examples where doing these th
  15. I would suggest that you have no recourse under UK legislation as you are not employed here (unless they sent you out to Czech in the first case). Have you signed a UK contract of employment containing these terms, you Uk salary etc? if not, then I feel it is just a tough luck suituation.
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