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  1. Hi,me again. sorry to bother you guys, but i received some help here last year regarding my continued billing from Melbourne's vodafone, and if it wasn't for lee,i wouldn't have been able to settle things with them! i'm having another problem because the last time lee referred me to Vodafone, they had confirmed that my service had cancelled and there wasn't any outstanding payment, yet a year later,a few days ago i received an email from a credit collecting company regarding some outstanding payment that i have to clear up,which,after checking with Vodafone's staff,didn't really
  2. Hi Lee, thank you for helping me follow up despite the fact you're not a rep for Aus Vodafone, i really appreciate it. i've tried filling in the form,but problem is i don't have a UK number, and i filled it in with the registered Vodafone number in Australia but it didn't work, (though i'm not sure if that particular number assigned to my internet plan is a phone number or not...) what should i do?
  3. thanks very much! i don't want to just leave the debt be,but legally speaking i shouldn't have to pay it. i just want to settles this mess so it won't haunt me for the rest of my life..!
  4. hey everyone! i was an international student studying in Melbourne last year, and signed onto Vodafone's monthly internet plan. i disconnected the plan in November 2011 before i left for good, and now that i've returned to Hong Kong, i found that i am still receiving bills every month via e-mail. apparently there was an operator change, so the girl who was responsible for my cancellation is gone, and a pretty useless new guy just keeps asking me the same questions when i demand he check my cancellation status. i just left the problem be since the guy wasn't helping AT A
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