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  1. Got a final warning latter saying they were going to take me to court if i didn't pay £100 in the next 7 days. Ignored it a few months later got another letter sating I could pay £90 and that it was a last chance offer. have ignored it again and not heard anything for the last month or so. So technically it is still ongoing but I will let people here know if I do end up going to court but it does look very unlikely.
  2. It says "Will" "We will have no alternative but to issue county court action against you to recover the above, together with accrued interest and court costs"
  3. Well it has been 4 months and I thought that OPC had forgotten about me as I followed the forums advice and ignored them, but i now have a 2nd letter. Which actually says they have sent "repeated requests" but this is only the 2nd letter. I have now received a final warning and they have forwarded the matter onto their "Legal Department" and I have 7 days to pay or they will issue a "County Court Action" against me. This letter has got me pretty rattled as my luck has not been great as of late and I just feel like this could be the next thing. Should I call them and tell them to go away of what? Not greatly confident on my legal position here. Thanks BB86
  4. Hi I got an OPC parking ticket back in December for blocking the road of a private estate (back of a shopping centre that has flats on the top) I was annoyed but in the end I decided it was my fault so I payed the £50. In February i was parked in the same private parking area only this time in one of the bays provided (I would also like to point out that i used to park in this place everyday for 3 years when i worked in the shopping centre and never got a ticket) and I got another ticket! i looked around and no other cars parked like me or the ones blocking the street had tickets. I looked around for the OPC sign and it was opposite the exit road so I never saw it until i went looking. I decided to ignore this ticket after reading some forums and legal pages. This morning i found a letter from them demanding payment of £100 immediately or they will take legal action! Should I bite the bullet and pay this as I do not have money to cover any additional legal costs they are threatening? Thanks
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