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  1. I've had exactly the same but I'm just ignoring it as its the first I've heard from them for over a year!
  2. No it's for my current council tax for the year.
  3. Hi, This morning I received a final notice of £945.54 for my council tax. I've had a lot going on a completely forget to pay a payment of £37 on the 1st of the month. I have now received this letter and really worried as it's both in mine and my partners name but she doesn't know about it. When I ring the council on Monday morning how likely will I be able to set up a repayment plan each month. I will happily do this via dd each month I'm just afraid they will take me to court and have the bailiffs round. Thanks for reading
  4. Me too tinker bell I had a repayment plan with these and stopped paying when they went into admin. I have not received anything yet
  5. I've never ever received any post about this loan only over emails when it was community payday/ ndr. The email I received went to my junk email. I'll hold of the payment this month and see what comes about I'll keep you updated
  6. I originally owed £500 and have paid back £200 so far. I might miss this months payment to see what happens. What do you think?
  7. Hi, after reading on here community payday/mh no longer exist just a simple question do I still carry on paying this debt at my monthly rate? I am currently paying £40 per month with £300 still owed. I did receive an email from a dhr company, formally loads of dosh that they have brought the debt and to ring to lower repayments of for a full and final. I need some advice as to weather carry on paying this or to start again with this company. Many thanks
  8. First of all don't panic. I've been there, done it and got a wardrobe full of t-shirts. First of all cancel the CPA on the loans asap. You need to secure your money in the form of putting it into another account so the vultures can't get to it. Contact them telling them you cannot afford the repayment on the dates and you wish to set up a repayment plan. You tell them what you can afford not the other way round. You may think its scary but these are probably the easier pdl companies to deal with. This is just from personal experience but someone with alot more knowledge will be along soon. Take care and good luck
  9. I'm sure it's not in the contract. As I said I visited the doctor who diagnosed me with a chest infection. I feel ill when I was on my annual leave so really I should be owed a days holiday lol
  10. Ill read my contract when I get back to work Tuesday if there's nothing in there and he tries to not pay me ill take it further.
  11. It's just something my partner said I wasn't aware of so just wanted to get more information on the matter.
  12. I'm pretty sure that's not in my contract either.
  13. I'm just worried when I return on Tuesday they either won't pay me for my 2 days holiday or my 3 days sick leave.
  14. Yes I've been there 8 and half years so I'm entitled to 20 days sick. I didn't get a note off the doctor I didn't even get any medication, he said its best to self medicate with a chest infection.
  15. Hi, I was off on annual leave on Monday and Tuesday of this week. On the Tuesday morning I woke up feeling very rough. On the Wednesday I contacted work to say I would not be in. I still felt ill yesterday so again informed work I would not be in and will be attending the doctors. The doctors diagnosed me with a chest infection. I was still feeling unwell this morning so again rang in. Im just wondering if anybody has any past experience with a situation like this before as I'm worried I will not be paid for my sick days. The copy if my contract is in my locker at work so I cannot look that up but I'm sure there nothing in there regarding this. Any info with this would be helpful thanks
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