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  1. Power reserved just means the other executor(s) carry out probate without the power reserveds signature. The OPs wife has not done anything wrong. If her brother is not happy, he can apply for double probate meaning both will have to prove the Will. As for using researchers to find another Will, it sounds like he clutching at straws. The MIL solicitor has provided the last known Will and all he needs to do is check if there's another one lodged at the probate registry, this is an easy task. If I was the OPs wife I would ask the PR myself and ask the solicitor to provide written confirmation t
  2. COPD can be a very tricky diagnosis and is frequently wrongly diagnosed as pneumonia (even with the benefit of x rays and breathing tests). It's usually caused by smoking, pollution and/ or working in certain industries. It is not caused by medical negligence.
  3. Mr Evans has insulted debtors, called them cowards and bragged about "allegedly" making them cry in court and making them bankrupt. He has also insinuated he has some sort of authority to use force because of being a body guard, security professional and having previous physical training. As a legally qualified person find these statements unbelievable, so my questions stand. Feel free to delete them if you think my reasonable questions aren't civil.
  4. Actually I'd go further as it only the residuary beneficiary that has a right to the accounts. As advised just tell them what is left remembering to knock of allowable expenses (phone calls, stamps etc).
  5. I'd wait to see what the company comes back with and go from there. I certainly wouldn't suggest she takes over the loan, your mum shouldn't have to live a life of poverty. What does the loan agreement say about the savings/income? I seem to remember a case where a family weren't credited with the correct income from their panels. What does it say will happen if the debtor defaults? I supose they could take back the panels if they wanted to? Have a read of the loan, just in case there is something you can use to your mums advantage at a later date. For now sit tight and
  6. The fact dad left a will is irrelevant. You're now saying there's money left in the estate " less then a £1000". The solar panel company are owed money, the residue should have gone to them as already stated if they want to go after the equity in the house they are perfectly entitled to. As for the promises of the solar panel company, that's a seperate issue.
  7. Another misunderstanding. Whether probate is applied for or if this is not necessary, as in this case, who ever is dealing with the estate had to contact all creditors. This isn't a CC. The creditor is entitled to repayment. In reality, the worst the creditor will probably do is go for a charging order.
  8. Isn't that what I said? Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of bad advice about debt following death. 1). An unsecured debt doesn't mean it can be ignored. It had to be paid out of the estate before inheritance is distributed. 2). If there isn't enough money after reasonable expenses and funeral costs the debt dies 3) However if there is an house held as tenant in common then yes it can pass to the beneficiary but the creditor can still come after the deceased share. Even if the house is held as joint tenancy the creditor can bring insolvency proceedings for 5 years post
  9. Mr P at #2 is correct. The creditor could indeed go after the equity in the property (dads 50%). I personally wouldn't make any offers of payment which would leave mum with less to live on. Worst case scenario is they will put a lien on the house (as already mentioned). Would a lien be awful? It would he paid off after sale and after the mortgage was paid off, it is highly unlikely they would force sale? Can you imagine the bad press, throwing an old lady out of her home. I would wait until they make contact again.
  10. A young friend of mine was in ICU for ages with Pneumonia and placed in an induced coma. Relatives told not to expect a recovery at all and although thankfully didnt die as anticipated wasnt 100% for many months. Your husband therefore was very lucky.
  11. As to your mortgage PPI. My husband also had the same type of benefits as you had with your employer. The mortgage company refused his claim arguing their policy was better than his employers benefits so he went to FOS who ruled in his favour. I'd ask for a copy of the rejection letter and go to FOS.
  12. In a round about way their barrister had admitted they haven't complied with statutory hol requirements. I wonder if they could be fined on the basis of your evidence?
  13. Absolutely awful. Why would you put a holiday form in if you had been told in writing you weren't entitled.
  14. Revenue & Customs Brief 7 (2015) described what information you should provide. As for proving your single, no idea how you would do that. Is their any reason they think your part of a couple?
  15. Plus MKDP and Hoist are all part of the same group of companies and therefore they've just passed it to the next desk.
  16. When you say you both have BC debts do you mean your both the main account holder of seperate barclaycards or are they all in one of your names with the other as an additional card holder. It does make a difference.
  17. That's really what I meant. Put it this way, I sold a house last year and the buyers dragged their feet. I didn't want sensitive financial info, just wanted to know at what the stage they were at. My solicitor just got " it takes as long as it takes" from the buyers solicitor. In the mean time we were losing out on potential interested parties. I told my EA that I wanted an update that day or they were to start remarketing the property and I would leave their offer on the table. Is it worth losing a house you really want because you don't want the seller to know at what stage your at.
  18. My husband knows a lot of NHS staff who have relocated to these countries and they aren't coming back. So based n this I would say that yes they are better off.
  19. All universities are state subsidized to a certain extent so why shouldnt nursing or doctors training be as well? Many are saying doctors shouldn't be able to go abroad without paying for their training back or until they've worked a set number of years for the NHS. Is this proposed rule going to be for anyone with a university education or just NHS staff?? Most doctors log a hugh number of unpaid hours and yet people are demonising them. Its wrong. A lot of people who moan about doctors earning potential are just jealous and thinking about themselves. I work weekends for minimum wage so
  20. Can I ask, what info was passed on? If it was " yes they have a mortgage and just waiting for the paperwork" I can't see what the problem is. If it was something like, "they have defaults and are on a low wage" then that's a different thing entirely. Sellers pay a fortune to EAs and its their job to liaise between all parties and find out if the purchaser can afford the house.. Sellers are entitled to know how the sale is progressing and solicitors known this. The question is whether the solicitor passed the fine like be between assisting the purchase and breaching confidentiality.
  21. Keogh should direct his criticism at Hunt and the government.
  22. Yep your right. A few years ago a woman rang her breakdown service, he came and made some pretext to go and get something. Returned wearing a mask and attacked and raped her. I think the AA are right to ask for. A CRB check. I personally don't want a rapist, rehabilitated or not, attending my car when I'm alone. I'm funny like that.
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