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  1. Another Complaint to Kwik Fit 05/07/2012 Hello, I am exceptionally dissatisfied with the work, carried out by the Birmingham Kitts Green Branch. So far I have had 4 New tyres fitted from there one of which won't hold pressure. I also had my front disc brakes replaced during which my drive shaft was broken and replaced (at Kwik Fits expense) I have now got a squeak from the front offside disk which is gouged and scored, making me wonder what has happened as the front near side is completely smooth as you would expect on a new set of disk brakes. When I took my car back for retracking my reception at Kitts Green was hostile to say the least. The tracking was not carried out satisfactorily as the steering wheel is no longer level In addition imagine my surprise when my car recently under went an MOT and I got a caution on my drive shaft boot. Please contact me ASAP to discuss
  2. After contacting head office today everything has been rectified at the cost of 2 Coil Springs at £73 each The total cost after the damage to my drive shaft would have been £492 I have to take the car back in a couple of weeks to get the tracking done (for free) once the new springs get to their normal rest condition My dad was the manager at Kwik Fit when you opened up in Roseville Road in Leeds during the "bad" days of Kwik Fit, I helped out in the workshop on your opening weekend I then became an Electro-Mechanical Engineer and I have a good idea mechanically what is needed on a vehicle and what isn't This experience with Kwik fit has been my first bad experience and I must admit it has dented my confidence in using Kwik Fit, What could have been done better? Keep the story the same, if there are difficulties tell me don't wait until everything has gone pear shaped, keep the customer informed Be honest with the time and cost quotes, to me an over estimate followed by a lower bill is better than a cheap quote that then triples My car is my workhorse and to be without it for two working days is totally unacceptable, as a self-employed contractor I cannot afford to be off the road I must say thanks to the Kwik Fit Manager Joe Singh, who ensured that my car was ready tonight, Joe has probably had a day from hell sorting out my motor as the mechanic who dealt with it wasn't back in today
  3. Today I rang Kwik Fit customer services The end result they put me i'm touch with the depot manager He told me the £110 I was originally quoted was for a single spring.. If you google a spring for a ford Mondeo it should be £45 approx each He also said the £250 was for a single side! Do they think I am stupid?
  4. Message sent to Kwik Fit Customer Services 14/03/2012 My car is currently in the Kitts Green Kwik Fit in Birmingham. It went in with a broken front nearside coil spring. So far your mechanics have managed to make my car totally unroadworthy by breaking the drive shaft. I am guessing that your guys despite your adverts stating that you do Ford repairs aren't actually competent working on Fords. I have had a sheepish phone call today stating that you (kwik fit) were having difficulties changing the coil spring and that you were worried that you were going to break the ball joints on my vehicle should you then proceed with the coil spring replacements. I was then advised that they didn't want to do both sides, which is normally the recommended procedure when dealing with suspension on a vehicle. I had my doubts when visiting you today as the mechanic stated that there was only two mechanics working that day. I would be intrigued to know how my drive shaft became damaged beyond repair. I suspect it to be down to negligence. Surely it is a matter of compressing the coil, removing the top and bottom bolts and removing the strut and spring, how on earth did the drive shaft get damaged? My original phone quote on Friday was £110 and today it has gone up to £250, the increase I suspect is down to me having to replace parts that your staff informed me they are going to damage in order to replace my coil springs. Please contact me to discuss I know I have probably oversimplified the removal of a coils spring but they are the "experts" and will do this almost on a daily basis. According to Kwik Fits website this is a "Suspension Specialist" depot which is why I took it there in the first place..
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