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  1. Thank you feelingsad (hope you are feeling happier now!) I will go and speak to local authority tomorrow and hopefully they will be able to help - if not then i am stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!
  2. Are there any exceptions to the rule? my son and myself are at risk from my ex and my son is currently in foster care so he is protected. i have to move on advice of police and social services and my solicitor would be able to confirm this to the council.
  3. Hi - wondering if anyone can help me......... I have been trying to find answer on the internet but can't seem to find exact answer! I currently own my own home with a mortgage on it. I have to move home due to my ex partner knowing my address but at the moment i am currently on income support so the mortgage lender will not move my mortgage to another property as on paper i cannot afford the mortgage even though i have been paying it! I was wondering if i could come off income support and rent out my house. This would be my only income for me to live on. I would then rent another property for me to live in. Would i be able to claim housing benefit for the rental property as i would not be able to claim income support when i have the rental income coming in and the rental income i have coming in would be completely wiped out by the new property i would be renting.... i am in a complete nightmare at the moment and any help would be appreciated. A
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