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  1. I am now getting calls from Madrid, not sure if they are from these people or someone associated with them but as I now no longer answer calls from any number I do not know I am ignoring them. This probably isn't the best idea seeing as if they are associated with this Glen Mathews guy and are in Spain they may send in the heavy mob or whatever they do here but if you don't have the money to pay the first lot of folk how the hell do they expect you to pay the umpteenth set of folks down the line. I am honestly at the end of my tether with this, I just want it to stop. I know they want th
  2. I am receiving phone calls at different hours of day & night which I am not answering. It's the only option open to me as I am broke.
  3. The email said they wanted over 15,000 pounds plus, it also gave the figure in dollars. Either way I don't have the ability to pay a tenth of it much less the full sum. I have decided that I will no longer answer their phone calls and most certainly won't answer their emails. I don't think they have my address, I know they asked me for it one time and I refused to give it. They kept on saying they needed to send me the information regarding the debt but I was too nervous about giving my address to someone I just didnt know. So I didnt. However, the bank have always had my email address s
  4. Thank you so much for your help, I feel slightly better, though I am still terrified of these people. I cannot begin to tell you how sick I feel when I see an overseas number light up my phone. Add to this they are now sending me emails and I feel they are surrounding me on all sides and like sharks in bloody water are going to take a bite out of me any minute. I know this must sound dramatic but I am not a bad person and have never ever reneged on any of my obligations before. I simply cannot do anything about this one and cannot see a time when I will. Is this company like most de
  5. They sent me an email yesterday to which I haven't responded (mainly because I am scared too) stating they are about to hand my case to local Attorneys, Mr Matthew stated in it that I owe a combined balance of 15,650 pounds (My cards and overdraft weren't for this amount and when 2 phone calls ago I asked them to show me where this amount came from they failed to respond). They have said that I have to respond before the 20 March or the client HSBC will lose patience and start proceedings. I do not know how to respond to them, they said they may be willing to accept monthly payments but as I
  6. The guy is called Glen Matthew, Collections Supervisor, Bethesda MD, where ever the heck that is. Wonder if it is the same guy, wish he would leave me alone. I hate being in this situation, but what can I do, I have no assetts that I can sell off, (got asked that last call but one) no relatives I can borrow from, (got that asked too), no way of getting a bank loan to pay them off, (this one had to be the icing but I guess some folk might be able to do this) and no prospect of getting another job. I literally live hand to mouth. I am stuck here with no place to go and these people won'
  7. Hi, You have probably heard this all before but to me this is new and I really could do with some sound advice. I moved to Spain over 7 years ago and for a time I was able to repay the debts I had with HSBC, in total they amounted to around 4, maybe 5000 pounds. To be honest I am not sure it is that long ago that I had the overdraft / credit card etc. Because I worked for an English Company and was paid into my HSBC account paying them was easy but that all changed early 2009, I lost my job. I went into my branch in the UK when I went back to the UK and explained my situation, I tried t
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