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  1. Hello, just to say that I got in touch with the bailiff direct offering payment of £150 on the 28th when I get paid followed by £50 every month after. He point blank refused and said the entire amount has to be paid In full by Friday 16th otherwise my goods will be removed. Even after sticking to what Marstons have asked. I explained everything to the bailiff. Where do I stand now? What else can I do? Thanks for all the advice
  2. I have NO money at the moment until i get paid on the 28th. Im sorry for all the questions.If i could offer him that i will pay £150 on the 28th then £50 a month. is this reeasonable?i just need them to know that i am willing to pay. Which i am - ive already made payments.Im getting so scared about calling them and him forcing into my home
  3. i do apologise it was the magistrates court. If i contact the bailiff direct... i can offer him monthly repayment that i can stick to. I have sticked to the one marston actually set out but its because i didnt call themto tell tem i made the down payment.can the bailiff refuse my offer of monthly repayment?
  4. Hello there, i have never used a forum like this before(so i do apologise if i do something wrong). I just really need some advice. From the beginning, I was borrowing a car to travel to distant relatives and so insured the car for the day. I got stopped and it turned out the insurance was invalid as it was a bogus company.I then got a fine from Hampshire County courts, which i made an arrangement to pay at £70 per month. I lost my job and fell behind with my payments (though i always kept in touch with the court).They passed the debt on to Marston Group with certified bailiffs and
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