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  1. It is dodgy, the garage I bought the car from is up in court for 500k fraud! I bought the car outright using my part ex, the damage estimate was 85% destroyed when I got the vehicle checked when things started to go wrong. The HPI check was clear The thing is, I would have thought the finance company should have dealt with this in a safe manner and not simply sell on as an unrecorded total loss. I have obtained the pictures of the car after the accident from the police, and it is shocking.
  2. Thanks I will go back to the finance company I ended up purchasing a car which was a un-recorded write-off because the finance company instructed the trace company to sell it to the garage where it was found. No inspection took place, no insurance, no transfer of ownership. the finance company simply washed their hands of the car for £500
  3. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but any advice welcomed. Here is the issue, a car with 20k finance goes missing after a company enters administration. The finance company utilises a trace company to locate, which they sucessfully do. They find the car imobile, abandoned in a back street garage after a severe accident. The vehicle is clearly a total loss. Does anyone know what the legal obligations that the finance company has to comply with? i.e. safe disposal transfer of ownership for salvage Assessment of condition Or is it that they can dispose of how they see fit. I thought there where laws about safe disposal of accident damaged vehicles Does anyone know? Thanks
  4. Cat d £18,000 damage would have exceeded per accident value if stripped fully. Problems over inspection as police believe it should have been cat b
  5. Been to the Financial Ombudsman for help with this also, because they failed to place notes on the system when I first notified them, they would not honour the claim. FO would not back me up as they could not prove my comments. Even though I had been to court and proved dispute.A lovely legal system
  6. Simply becase at the time of purchasing the car the finance company had already found the vehicle, as they could find no details over the accident nothing was placed on MIAFTR to advise it was going through the insurance process they where forced to handle this internally, they removed the markers as per there process as they had no other way to proceed, This is why nothing was recorded when I purchased the car.The company I bought the car who did the HPI check also doctored the report, this is why I could not see the only warning on the car, which was a contact warning placed on the vehicle. This remained on the vehicle throughout the claim.The details of the accident was only placed on HPI 18 months after the accident, so I was completely unaware at time of purchase.
  7. Thanks, have been to solicitor, have good grounds against DL due to failures, the fact that they paid out on the car without noticing the ownership had changed, or that there was wanrings, outstanding finance at the of the accident.Your correct about MIAFTR, there are no rules on how long this takes to apply, but best practice is as soon as possible, as to delay this could be seen as covering a vehicles history.Problem is the cost, I have been told this could run up as high as £50,000.I have it on good authority that DL are in the wrong and have an obligation to rectify, I have even been told by the police to pursue them, its just that one person against a company of this size will be difficult
  8. Hi Unc, been to the FSA, they do not want to assist as I was not involved in the accident and was not the policy holder.I did put some of the value of the car on my card, however the bank declined to honour my claim, again the FSA could not help as they said this area was very sketchy for them to inforce, even though they agreed with me
  9. I purchased a car in Dec09 which was HPI clear and looked in Mint condition.Soon after I noticed major problems with the car, had it inspected and found it to be a death trap!I took the trader to court and won, but the garage then closed and the owners went into hiding, they are now subject to a £500,000 fraud investigation and have left me being owed over £90,000 and has put my life at risk both financially and physically.It transpired that 10 months earlier the car had been in a severe head on collision and the insurance company was Direct Line.It took Direct Line 18 months to apply the write off marker to the vehicle so that it could be seen on HPI, this was 8-9 months after I purchased the car. So far 18 months this car had no history what so ever!A major series of failures occured during this 18 months: They did not know where the vehicle was located. *** The vehicle was abandoned 2 weeks in to the claim, Direct Line where never aware of this! *** Paid out to someone who did not own the car, as it went missing whilst under finance when owners company went bust! Failure to pay out to finance company Failure to seek out correct ownership No warnings placed against the vehicle throughout duration of claim. When Direct Line decided to settle the claim 18-19 months after the accident they even let the claimant retain the salvage.(As many of you may know, an insurance company should process a MIAFTR check which looks at ownership, finance and security warnings. When DirectLine paid out none of the above was acted upon)I have contacted Direct Line Executives and now RBS group legal - and after 8 months recieved a letter saying liability denied. This was then put to them again stating their failures, to date no response.I have been to all the government agencies and that has been as useful as a hole in the head, no one is willing to pursue this as I was not the owner at the time of the accident. In essence I am a third party that has incurred loss due to the fraudulent actions of others and the inability of a major insurance company to act under a duty of care to protect the public.Anyone any ideas? The paperwork I have on this is sickening and I cant believe there is no legislation or law that can assist me.
  10. Hi all,Can anyone offer some helpDoes anyone know if an insurance company has a maximum duration that they must submit a write off notification against a vehicle after receiving the engineers report. So it appears on DVLA and HPII have a problem whereby an insurance co wrote my car off 10 months after I purchased it, for an accident 18 months prior.Until the 18th month the insurance company placed no markers against the car, the subsequently paid out and sold the vehicle to the other party. At which point the vehicle had been in my possession for 10 months.Spoke to the company and they do not want to assist. Tried FSA, HPI and ABI.Can anyone offer some advise?
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