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  1. Sorry, car was registered 31/3/2008, purchase mileage was 22,781 and price paid was £3499 No independent check before purchase, I was silly and naive enough to believe Lookers was a large reputable firm and a better place to buy a car than privately or via small trade. Thanks very much for yours and everyone else's help.
  2. Hello Hope someone can help me with a problem re a car purchased from Lookers and a warranty provided by Network Q. I purchased a Chevrolet Lacetti on 12/11/2013, the car came with a one year Network Q warranty which covered 100,000 miles and was up to the value of the car. The car was serviced and MOTed before purchase was complete and I agreed to also buy a service contract provided by Emac Ltd. I had the car serviced at 6 months and everything was fine according to Lookers, though I later found out they had performed a full service when it should have been an intermediate,
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