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  1. ive just checked my criedt report and it says it was defulted on 25/06/2009. is it from the last payment made the six yrs is from or from there default date? but the date of the last payment isnt on the report witch was in 2007.
  2. well i dont have the papper work any more but i do think i did have the payment insurance on it. witch i tried to claim on when i lost my job and they didnt have any of it. how do i go about disputeing this or checking weather i did or not. it has been so long and so near to the six yr mark. what should i do?
  3. so heres the background on this i lost my job at the begining of 2007. so i ended up not being able to pay my loan with llyods tsb. after loseing my job i coudnt afford to pay my rent so i ended up moveing around for the next 3-4 yrs. i have now setled down got a job and started getting criedt again since learning from my past i am on top of all my bills and no longer in debt with any1. but it seems now my past has caught up with me and is starting to stress me out. i dont know what to do about this letter and after reading the forums i decided to post this thread for some advice. like i sai
  4. ok the last payment i made was on the 28-04-2007 and the default date was a few months after that date this is my first letter ive recived about this debt since then
  5. sorry i ment me. i wasnt claiming or working. i moved around alot
  6. hi i got a letter this morning from wescot saying i owe llyods tsb nearly £500 and that i should call them. i do remeber this debt but it is well over 5yrs old. nearly 6 as ive been waiting for it to be removed from my criedt file. as i wasnt on the system for over 4 yrs now ive setaled down they have finaly tracked me down. what should i do? as i dont really want to pay it. does anyone have any advice for me? thanks
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