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  1. Hi AnonBarcap, I'll be at my desk for a while yet finishing some work if you would like to call. Happy to talk over with you. I've had a really useful chat with Aggi as well - thank you Aggi! I'll be arranging a gathering for everyone in this situation shortly so we can share thoughts and experiences. I don't want there to be a hard-sell or fear of turning up so any and all ideas / comments / thoughts welcome. In terms of missing a payment, I'm not a solicitor, but in my opinion the bank should have the loan and hedge tied up either through an ISDA, a TMA (Treasury Master Agreeme
  2. Hi Aggi / all, I am both a commercial business which I know is against the rules, and at the same time I am an individual trying to help in this overall situation. I don't / won't sell my business on here - but this sort of forum is important for everyone to understand and communicate what they are seeing and how they are going about this matter. I trust this will be taken as it should be. In fact much of what I do is look at whether people have a case (from a regulatory / FSA angle) and actively do reject cases that are not "mis-selling." Aggi - were you put under any confidentiali
  3. Hi Aggi, I would love to have a chat if possible? As you may well be aware, I was the first "whistleblower" to leave the banks and admit there is an issue. 2 years of fighting to bring this to light - we may be getting somewhere. I was with the FOS last week and I must say was underwhelmed. Be great to hear your story to help with my clients and my understanding of the FOS system / protocols etc.
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