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  1. Yes, I have always declared the points when insuring and have always had insurance.
  2. Yep new application with photo going in the post tomorrow. Awaiting Insurance company to call me back and will update you all when I know more
  3. The policy actually states - " Provided that the person driving holds a license tio drive the vehicle or has held and is not disqualifies from holding or obtaining such a licence" Do you think this covers me? Any help/advice much appreciated.
  4. thank you so much for your replies. You've given me at least a little hope and something to go on. Will check through my policy now
  5. Just wondering if anyone can advise? After 20 years of trouble free driving I got caught by a speed camera and got an SP30 with 3 points in April 2009. I paid the fine and at some point remeber reading that I needed to send my license in to have the points put on. I never got round to sending it in and when I thought about it I presumed as I had not heard again, that it wasn't that important - presumed it was all compuerised anyway. Things were fine until I had an accident 2 weeks ago. My insurance company put me thorough to DVLA on a conference call to check out my License. During this call D
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