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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I've read all that. But I still believe it's not worth it at the moment. I have way too many things going on in life right now for me to deal with this too. I'm just going to pay up. Maybe next time, I'll play around with this mob, just for laughs. I didn't come here for advice... had that settled in mind. I actually came to ask where the hell I can find this PCN Number for their website. But I guess I will have to phone them instead. Thanking you again.
  2. Just says "The vehicle shown below has contravened the terms and conditions of use for this car park and therefore is liable to a parking charge of £65.00". Then in small print the reduced amount if paid within a fortnight. I don't mind ignoring, as long as I don't need to go to court (even if I can't lose). That's when it gets 'too much hassle' in my book, which I rather avoid. Thanks. EDIT: I don't read these signs, so not sure what the sign board reads either. :3
  3. Before we go on, are you 100% sure it's a private company from the info I have given you. It does read (in red block of white text) Parking Charge Notice, so I believe you are correct. If I do nothing, won't they just harass me? I'll read the threads now.
  4. Hiya, I received this PCN from a private company (or so I imagine). At top it reads, "Managed on behalf of Topher Limited, Company Reg No. 6126075". Does that make Topher Ltd. the issuer? Anyway, it's £30 if I pay within 14 days (got it two days ago) which I have no problem paying. (Third time in the last two years now! First time from a private company.) The reason for issue is ticked under 'Other' with 'LEFT ESTATE' as the reason. Yeah, I like to use this one car park as my local parking spot... Anyway, I go to pay for it online via 'paymypcn.net', but I don't know what the PCN Number i
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