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  1. You don't have to tell anyone anything. Can you block their number so they can't call again? If they do, tell them to go forth and multiply.


    Okay thanks, I was under the impression that I will have to answer the police if they ever do ask (I acknowledge the fact that if the PPC found out who the driver was, it wouldn't help them much anyway), no?


    Ah, the blocking feature, I don't think I can cos it's an extra chargeable-feature on my provider which I never use to justify having. I won't pick up the phone when they call next time. :)

  2. Hey again,


    The PPC phoned us and spoke to someone else who was at the house. I've yet to speak to that person to know what exactly the PPC said, but someone else who was there also said the PPC threatened to tell the police....

    I can't see why that would help, UNLESS, the police also take their side and ask me 'who was the driver' question which I'll legally need to answer (I presume).


    How often do PPCs even ring up houses?

    Should I be prepared for something bigger than just a few letters now?


    Thanks in advance.

  3. I understand honeybee, but was just brainstorming and I like thinking about these things, lol. I'm not getting worried or anything, don't mind that.


    But yeah, is it likely they could have picked me up on a camera? How does it work if they did, would they not have mentioned it to me if the had photograph evidence of me?


    Again, these are not worried questions, just genuine questions. :)

  4. Ok.


    I've been thinking, since it says the reason I was 'charged' was because I "left the estate" and I was sure there was no 'officer' there, does that mean they saw me on a CCTV camera?

    Does that also mean they might have caught who was driving?


    Also, on the debt collection paper, it says the reason was cos I 'exceeded the time limit'... which was not the reason given by officer hence not ticked on the notice... Advantage for me somehow?

  5. To understand the business plan better -


    Land owner get p1ssed off with abuse of their parking facilities at peak times.

    PPC offers to patrol it - possibly providing barriers, markings, possibly even resurfacing, etc - all for free.

    Land owner is seduced and has nothing to lose so signs agreement contract. (Look at PPC Websites from the point of view of being a land owner)


    PPC gets all the money they can scare out of motorists using it at any time, by issuing what look like official fines then threatens them with everything short of public execution.

    This offsets their set-up and operating costs and provides a good income.


    It survives because an estimated 50% of these 'fines' are paid quickly by people who dont know better. A further number weaken and pay under the string of threats - and even pay the increased amounts for fear they will go even higher. All without any legal basis!


    I wish I could make money like that AND sleep soundly at nights.


    When you think about it the only way these companies can make a profit is from the "parking charge notices" they issue. For a start they don't usually charge a fee to the landowner for looking after the car-park, and they won't make enough money from P&D tickets ( even if they have them) . So it's in their interest to frighten people into paying up by sending out the scary-looking letters.



    So the store don't even have to pay at all, usually?

  6. They never send a letter saying "OK. We give up - you are right. We won't chase you any more"


    What PPCs do is make the wording on the series of Threat-0-grams get steadily bigger and redder, then they get some paper out of another box saying 'Debt Collector' and/or 'Graham White Solicitors' - all for increasing amounts, then some PPCs offer a huge discount just to try to get some of your money. Then it all just goes quiet.


    Much like the old 'Jumping Jack' fireworks - you never know when it has finished so you just keep clear and ignore it.


    Haha, that's reassuring. Now I'm mildly curious on how their offices work. Like, isn't it quite embarrassing for the people behind the computer screens to just say 'Oh, we sent this person six letters already, but to no avail. We shall now give up" ? I would've gotten it if it were all automated, but the fact some human involvement is required to even see what's next on their Threat-0-grams is quite sad. Buncha bullies!

  7. You can safely park there again. If you keep breaking the terms, they might do something more drastic - check if there are clamping signs up for instance. Or, they will hound you with letters and phone calls. Or they might try and take it to court just to try and deter you.


    Don't worry - this was a single mistake - they won't even remember your car or reg number. Carry on parking there as usual.


    Thanks for that. It's one of those signs that its only for the nearby store. What I got 'done for' was for leaving the car there and going to other shops down the road. So yeah, I basically skipped paying and displaying on the main road and used their car park. I do enter the store (mainly to show interest) then walk out - down the road. There is a 90 minute window but that was not the reason why the got me. It was simply for leaving the car there. :( So basically, from now on, I will have to do it the normal way and pay and display on a main road, with their ridiculously overpriced tickets (£1 for 20 mins!). Ah well. PS - didn't see any clamp signs, but then again, I didn't really read the main sign either. I'll have a look again.

  8. The idea of the notice board is that you read the terms and conditions and consent to them by parking. Thus, you have entered into a contract.


    There are valid clauses in a contract, and there are invalid ones. For example, if it had a clause which said, "failure to display a ticket authorises us to shoot you" that would be invalid. Regardless of the contract, it would be against the law and the law takes precendence.


    In this situation, it is against the law for any private person or company to issue penalty charges - which is just another word for fines. They have no right to do that, so that clause in the contract is invalid.


    If you have genuinely breached contract, then their redress is to sue you for their financial losses resulting from the breach of contract - which, especially in a free car park, is nothing. They can sue you for nothing.


    Hope that makes it clearer why you don't owe them, you never owed them, and they can't make you pay.


    Thanks a bunch, that makes sense. I'm a total law-noob, sadly.

  9. You seem to be taking this company much too seriously. They are not the police or the council , but just a private company with no more right than you or me to demand such information off another person.


    Okay, thanks. It's settled then, I shall ignore their letters! Another query, I see people suggest templates when appealing. When are these appeals viable? the people who are ignoring can't also be appealing, surely, so who benefit for appealing? Just curious.

  10. They can sue you for losses or damages but not for a penalty. If the carpaking was free, what were their losses?


    I guess you are right. If they do somehow find out who the driver was, what then? Does it change anything? What if they call me, and ask for driver details? How do I decline to give it to them without sounding shady? When then 'debt collection' papers start coming in, do I just do the same, and ignore?

  11. Take you to court for what? Not giving them money you never owed them in the first place? See ManxRed's post number 8. If he sticks a bill on your car for £10,000 for breaking one of his rules which he made up, do you think he could sue you too?


    When you guys say I never 'owed them', what do you mean, exactly? If the board reads that I will be charged, isn't that enough for them to charge me? I'm assuming not. Then what is the purpose of them then? Just to scare folks and see if they pay up? The car park is free, but I did leave the area for a couple of hours btw. so I do feel I abused their 'offer'. So, I gather there will be no hearing in courts then? If that is 99% guaranteed, I am fine to ignore it. Danke!

  12. All you need to do is ignore the 5 or 6 letters you will get. Don't be frightened by them and don't reply to them. Just bin them. Nothing will happen to you.


    If doing that's going to leave you £30 better off than if you pay, it has to be worth it. Or, if you like, send me £30 and I'll ignore them for you!


    Isn't there some chance of me being called to court though? I think that's the main problem for me. Also, how do they 'stop'. I doubt they say 'Okay, we give up, you win, sir.' They just stop posting?

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