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  1. Yep, thanks guys. Since it's camera operated, am I at risk of using this car park again in this manner? (I.e. overstaying time allowed.)
  2. Okay, okay. Can someone explain how the camera works then? It seems the cameras are at the entrance and exit of the car park. How does the system match the license plate of each incoming and outgoing car? Unless it's done manually?
  3. Hey again, I can't figure out how they manage to get these photos, do they use a sensory camera that takes snapshots when movement is sensed, or is there someone watching on the other end the whole time!? Anyway, Parking Eye sent a notice with pictures, can they identify who the driver is that way? I'm happy to just ignore as I have done with other PPC in the past, but was just checking.
  4. I got it, I got it. So what if they send a letter saying .... JOKES! Sorry if I seem stupid, but I've moved on from being worried, now just being super curious. I'm fine, thanks.
  5. Okay thanks, I was under the impression that I will have to answer the police if they ever do ask (I acknowledge the fact that if the PPC found out who the driver was, it wouldn't help them much anyway), no? Ah, the blocking feature, I don't think I can cos it's an extra chargeable-feature on my provider which I never use to justify having. I won't pick up the phone when they call next time.
  6. Hey again, The PPC phoned us and spoke to someone else who was at the house. I've yet to speak to that person to know what exactly the PPC said, but someone else who was there also said the PPC threatened to tell the police.... I can't see why that would help, UNLESS, the police also take their side and ask me 'who was the driver' question which I'll legally need to answer (I presume). How often do PPCs even ring up houses? Should I be prepared for something bigger than just a few letters now? Thanks in advance.
  7. I understand honeybee, but was just brainstorming and I like thinking about these things, lol. I'm not getting worried or anything, don't mind that. But yeah, is it likely they could have picked me up on a camera? How does it work if they did, would they not have mentioned it to me if the had photograph evidence of me? Again, these are not worried questions, just genuine questions.
  8. Ok. I've been thinking, since it says the reason I was 'charged' was because I "left the estate" and I was sure there was no 'officer' there, does that mean they saw me on a CCTV camera? Does that also mean they might have caught who was driving? Also, on the debt collection paper, it says the reason was cos I 'exceeded the time limit'... which was not the reason given by officer hence not ticked on the notice... Advantage for me somehow?
  9. Okay, got my wish! Received a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors stating the total amount is 119 quid now. I lol'd at the last line: "If you were not the driver at the time, please tell us who was driving by completing the details below." Reassure me, ignore? Whats next for me?
  10. It's been a month and a week now, and no letters yet. When should I be getting them? Really want to read some of those letters...
  11. Oh, wow. I feel kinda guilty for these poor guys now. Anyways, thanks for all the help you all. I'll get back to yas if I have any more concerns. I'll keep yous updated too.
  12. So the store don't even have to pay at all, usually?
  13. Yeah, I had a look before, couldn't see Topher Limited on there. I'll see what I get.
  14. Haha, that's reassuring. Now I'm mildly curious on how their offices work. Like, isn't it quite embarrassing for the people behind the computer screens to just say 'Oh, we sent this person six letters already, but to no avail. We shall now give up" ? I would've gotten it if it were all automated, but the fact some human involvement is required to even see what's next on their Threat-0-grams is quite sad. Buncha bullies!
  15. Also, can someone link me to a thread where someone successfully escaped PPC and their threats?
  16. Thanks for that. It's one of those signs that its only for the nearby store. What I got 'done for' was for leaving the car there and going to other shops down the road. So yeah, I basically skipped paying and displaying on the main road and used their car park. I do enter the store (mainly to show interest) then walk out - down the road. There is a 90 minute window but that was not the reason why the got me. It was simply for leaving the car there. So basically, from now on, I will have to do it the normal way and pay and display on a main road, with their ridiculously overpriced tickets (£1
  17. Okay. Also. What if I repeatedly kept breaching their contract? Will they get mad and stalk me? Dunno if I should park there again.
  18. You mean the Police charge for their 'services'? I was meaning, since RKs only need to reveal who the driver was to the authorities, why don't PPCs ask police for their help then.
  19. Thanks a bunch, that makes sense. I'm a total law-noob, sadly.
  20. Thanks all. I get the drift now. It's funny how we assume they hold the same power as the council do just because of their similar actions and approach. And what about the debt collectors (lol, what debt!?) letters, just ignore and burn as usual? Okay, why don't they ask the police for some assitance then? :o
  21. Okay, thanks. It's settled then, I shall ignore their letters! Another query, I see people suggest templates when appealing. When are these appeals viable? the people who are ignoring can't also be appealing, surely, so who benefit for appealing? Just curious.
  22. I guess you are right. If they do somehow find out who the driver was, what then? Does it change anything? What if they call me, and ask for driver details? How do I decline to give it to them without sounding shady? When then 'debt collection' papers start coming in, do I just do the same, and ignore?
  23. When you guys say I never 'owed them', what do you mean, exactly? If the board reads that I will be charged, isn't that enough for them to charge me? I'm assuming not. Then what is the purpose of them then? Just to scare folks and see if they pay up? The car park is free, but I did leave the area for a couple of hours btw. so I do feel I abused their 'offer'. So, I gather there will be no hearing in courts then? If that is 99% guaranteed, I am fine to ignore it. Danke!
  24. Gotcha, can you comment on the court issue then? There is some chance of me being called up, isn't there?
  25. Isn't there some chance of me being called to court though? I think that's the main problem for me. Also, how do they 'stop'. I doubt they say 'Okay, we give up, you win, sir.' They just stop posting?
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