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  1. Today I received a letter from Arrow Global confirming that my account has been closed as a result of being statute barred, and that I will not be pursued for the remaining balance. Too good to be true?
  2. @London1971 @dx100uk Thanks guys! I sent the SB letter to both Capquest and Resolvecall and received a response from Resolvecall today informing me that they have returned the account to their client and would no longer be dealing with my account.
  3. Thank you @London1971 fortunately I don’t think I have had a backdoor CCJ. My credit file has never shown one?
  4. Hello there, I am just after a little bit of advice please. In February out of the blue I received a letter from Capquest informing me they were now managing my Student Loans Company account on behalf of Erudio Student Loans Limited, they also included a letter from/on behalf of Erudio notifying me of a 'Change of Agency Notification'. They sent a follow up letter at the beginning of March stating that their records indicate there is currently not a repayment plan in place on my account. They then sent a further letter at the end of March informing me that despite their attempts to speak with me they do not have defined solution for the repayment of the account, therefore they would shortly be instructing Resolvecall Limited to visit my property. At the beginning of April I received a letter from Resolvecall informing me that they would be making a personal visit to my home. Yesterday they visited my property and spoke with my wife (I was at work). After reading various forums I have ignored all correspondence with the above but now after a 'visit' feel intimidated somewhat. I started studying in 1997 so the loan account they refer to is a mortgage style student loan. If I remember correctly, when I finished my course I deferred a couple of times initially and then went travelling etc. and had no further contact with the Student Loans Company for a number of years. Upon returning to the UK and starting to work, I set up a small standing order to pay some of the loan but then stopped this in March 2014. I have not contacted the Student Loans Company in over 10 years probably more, and have never had any dealings with Erudio at all, and as mentioned my last payment to the account was in March 2014. Am I correct in the fact that the debt is now statute barred? Should I send a standard statue barred letter to Capquest or should I not engage at all? Thank you for taking the time to read this post and any advice would be most welcome.
  5. Thank you- I'll play it by ear and see what happens next. Cheers
  6. Hi Guys, It's been a month since I sent the statute barred letter to Capquest and I have heard nothing in return. However, I came home this evening to a letter addressed to me from 1st Credit stating: Dear Sir/Madam, 1st Credit Limited is attempting to contact the above named regarding a personal matter. Your address has been supplied as a possible address for our subject. If you are MISS **** Please contact our offices immediately on 01737 237370 and quote the above 1st Credit eference number at which time further information can be provided. If you are not MISS **** iF MISS **** is no longer resident at this address we would appreciate you calling us at your earliest convenience on 01737 237376. This will enable us to update our records and thereby avoid our contacting you unnecessarily in the future. Any information provided to us will be treated in the strictest confidence. If no response is received to this letter within ten days we will continue to hold this address as the current address of MISS **** and may issue further letters. Yours faithfully Gavin Flynn Head of Collections Could this letter be linked to Capquest not responding to the SB letter? Do I just ignore this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you, Franila.
  7. I guess so-I'll go and sign for the letter this week and see what it holds! I can see how people go crazy mulling all this stuff over. Constantly on tenterhooks....gits:evil:
  8. Thank you, have heard nothing yet...although I have just come home to a Royal Mail 'tried to deliver' leaflet for a letter that needs a signature. Could this be from them or am I being ultra-paranoid?!
  9. SB letter sent...will see what happens...but I'm ready for a scrap
  10. wazzer...a thoruoughly underused insult. love it!
  11. Ok- thank you for the heads up. I'll send the letter and see whether I hear anything in response.
  12. Thank you so much for the quick advice-I really appreciate it.
  13. I'm not feeling very morally obliged towards thm I must admit! I guess my biggest fear is that they can put a default on my credit file? Should I just ignore or send a letter without acknowledgement stating that the debt is statute barred?
  14. Good morning ,I apologise if an answer to this question can be found elsewhere, if that is the case please point me in the right direction! I have received a letter (dated 7th March) from Capquest advising me: 'they have purchased my account from Capital One Bank (Europe) Plc and it is their responsibility to manage your account to an affordable payment plan. The Offer Full and final payment of £600.78 to settle the account in one lump sum or over a time that is acceptable to all concerned. This offer is only available until 21st March 2012. Failure to contact us by 21st March will mean this offer will end. The full amount of £1200 will remain legally owed by you. Let's work on this together; we look forward to hearing rom you. Collections Department.'' This is from a credit card that I last used and made a payment for in approximately 2003 at the very latest. I have had NO correspondence whatsoever since then. I have worked hard over the last 9 years to improve my credit rating and it is now in a very good state ( I have been able to get credit and my file shows no defaults) and I am looking hopefully to get a mortage in the next 12 months. Having dug around a little am I right in assuming that this debt is statue barred as it is over 6 years since I have been contacted/acknowledged the debt? I am in a better position financially now, so should I just pay the settlement amount and will that be the end of it? or should I go down the statute barred route and give Capquest nothing? (after hearing what a horrible company they are). Thank you very much for any advice anyone can give.
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