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  1. gem1875

    1875 V Hsbc

    Hi yeh from reading this forum I know there is a chance of this, but to be honest the way we have been treated by them and the extent and amount of charges we have had for very little cause I would be happy at this time to move banks!. I think ill be sure if i do try again to get my new account sorte before for the inevitable. If i was asked to close my account would this have an impact on my credit rating or such like?
  2. gem1875

    1875 V Hsbc

    Thanks we have been saving a lot but the money now would just help, wedding costs just seem to spiral! be warned lol
  3. gem1875

    1875 V Hsbc

    Hi, Just after some advice really. I started the claim process and got up to the stage were I was about to go to the small claims section, but got a letter today from the bank re an offer. They have offered me less as you have all said they would but they have the amount I claimed for wrong so the offer is not much less than I actually claimed for! AND I claimed up until October 2006 but the letter states that they have only taken it up to July 2006. My question is as Im getting married in 7 weeks and the money is much needed, can I make a second claim at a later date for the amo
  4. Hi, just a bit of advice Im after really, am in the process of trying to claim back fees, but in the mean time I would like to know were I stand on overpayments. We had someone access our account fraudulently and spend 189.99, we appaled this and got the money paid back whle they investigate. They then paid us the money again a few months later, which we didnt realise. I know have a lette right at the end of the month!! to say they have taken the money back today as in the day the letter was posted!! which has taken me over the over draft limit :mad: Can they just do that??
  5. I am just doing the first stage not the 8% interest Ill try the simple one and see how that goes then.
  6. Hi, finally got around to populate the spreadsheet to send with my letter. I have added all the charges in but the interest column at the end (column Q) has not got anything in it after I have added all the amounts in the other colums?? Any ideas on what Im doing wrong?? I know its prob something really simple, but just cant see it?
  7. gem1875

    us V HSBC

    Well I have finally got around to working out how much the charges that were taken from our account have been. Will claim for them in next week or so, what I would like to know is if photocopies of the statements with the charges on is what is required as a schedual of chrges or do I type it all out for them dates ect...? Not going to claim the interest so I presume I just take that bit out of the letter.
  8. gem1875


    Just a quickie, can you tell me if you were charged for using an atm can you claim that back? I would have thought not but worth asking as we have loads from a long time ago............. P.S can someone tell me which letter I send to ask for the chrages back I have seen a couple I think might be the one, it would be the first time asking for the money back as all I have sent so far is the data protection letter to get the statements. Thanks another P.S have gone through all my statements and it seems to be that most of the charges we get come under the code DR is that correct ca
  9. I sent my data protection letter about 2 weeks ago and still have not heard anything, I sent it recorded delivery and included the £10?? Getting a bit worried now it has been lost. Any suggestions or should I wait the full 40 days before following up?
  10. what do you do if you request the statements and they do not reply to that request. What is the next step? I did include my £10, its only been a week or so just curious.
  11. gem1875


    Hi posted the initial letter about getting the statements of our charges, that was last Tuesday. Have people had to wait long before a reply. I put in my £10 cheque. I know they have 40 days possibly just being impatient. Also had a complaint with them yesterday about a joint account with my OH. We rang about our overdraft only to find out even though its a joint account we have DIFFERENT pre approved limits?? So because my OH rang instaed of me we get charged for getting it extended when I have a pre approved limit avalible to the same account??? Go figure, seems to me they are out t
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