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  1. Thanks for the reply. I shall phone them. I can prove the house was empty by providing council tax letter. I gave British Gas readings the day i got keys for the house but when tennant moved into my house in August 2008 it was the new tennant that gave the readings.I have no way of providing British Gas with the readings. The gas and electricity was shut off. I now have no way of proving i didnt use this gas.
  2. I received a letter demanding £128 for a British Gas bill that dates back to April - August 2008. I am the landlord of the property in question and had an acount at the time. The house was lying empty during these periods with services turned off. So nothing was ever used. I sent past due a letter basically saying they had 28 days to prove to me that the debt was mine and provide me with the bills meter readings etc. I had a letter of acknowledgement from them saying they had contacted British Gas and i would receive said bill with 28 days. These 28 days have now passed and during that time i have received another threatening letter demanding the money. Today i received a letter offering me a good will gesture of £64 and the account will be closed. I phoned them asking where the proof was the debt was mine. They informed me that British Gas had archived my account and that the details werent available. They were demanding payment on phone so i told them where to go and hung up. What should i do now? I am also based in Scotland. Thanks
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