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  1. Actually thinking about it it's not local authority it's private as the parking fine I had one time for being 3 minutes late I paid at the local authority office which made me super vigilant to never get a parking ticket again!!!!
  2. I'm not sure if it's local authority regulated. I know the residents have lettered spaces and permits to park which it clearly states but their are blank spaces left for visitors but no signs. I got the fine in December last year, I still park in the same spot on a weekly basis and have not received any more fines ( touch wood) So thanks for the advice it's put my mind at rest and I'm going to ignore all the letters from now on, xxx
  3. I have been given a parking charge from UKPC and the photographic proof shows my car has no permit. But also just my registration, I was not parked in a permit zone and have sent photographs of my car after the ticket was issued showing that there was no sign where my car was parked. I have not however received a reply from UKPC about the photographs I sent but a letter from a debt recovery agency now. Original fine £90 but debt recovery £150 and I was not in the wrong. What do I do now?
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