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  1. I have 3 settled defaults on my credit score since 2011. I understand this trashed it, even if they are settled. However since the I have paid of £7k of car finance completely, all on time and it's now finished. Paid off my credit card debt and now pay it in full monthly. I have never missed a loan repayment or my mobile phone contract payment - and my overdraft is paid in full should I go into it. And I am on the electoral roll. However my credit score is still showing as very poor - the lowest score possible on Experian, and 1/5 on noddle. Am I still being penelised for my defaults 3 years ago even though I settled them and have not missed a payment since and have paid other debts in full? That seems hugely unfair that I have to wait until 2017 to rebuild my credit score. I phoned experian and even the lady on the phone said she thought it was harsh. Is this normal?
  2. Star Loans are brokers, you will pay them a fee but there is no guarantee they will find you a loan.
  3. When you paid the original debt was it a full and final settlement? And what is the status of the debt on your credit file, definitely need to check that.
  4. Oh goodness, as an outsider I think I can see both sides of the argument here. Having seen various posts from Robbing Hood I don't believe he is a PDL advisor in disguise, just raises eyebrows at the amount of people who borrow from PDL and can come across as outraged when being chased to pay it back, and yes if I'm being 100% honest it can seem that there are people who seem to have been careless ie taking out further PDLs when they already have an IVA or on a DMP etc. HOWEVER before I get accused of being a troll I readily admit that last year I was almost £2K in PDL debt and sought and received non judgmental advice and comfort from this site. The advice on here is invaluable, and the bottom line is if you borrow money and spend it you have a duty to pay it back BUT without being bullied and without ridiculous charges being added by the second.
  5. I completely agree with Robbing Hood, and before anyone can say I'm being judgemental I have also been in PDLS debt. Nearly £2K between Payday Express, Quick Quid and Payday Uk. They were not easy to deal with at all but with perseverance I arranged payment plans, and went without a lot, putting every spare penny into paying these of and getting rid. So yes I feel when people choose to ignore their debt it makes a mockery of those who go to a lot of effort to repay their debt. As Robbing Hood said, you borrowed the money and spent it. Nobody is here to judge anyone in financial dire straits who cannot pay their debts. But unfortunately no matter what happens in your personal life bills still need paying regardless. The world is a harsh place like that.
  6. Ps mine and hubby's joint income is approx 40k a year, and those 3 defaults are payday loans, I know I know, and the defaults cannot be removed as I did default fair and square
  7. I have an appointment with a mortgage advisor at Barclays as a first time buyer, with this springboard mortgage they have introduced where your parents put up the deposit in a savings account for 3 years. I have 3 satisfied defaults from 2011 when I was made redundant. Arrangement repayment plan of Barclayloan arrears and overdraft and now all paid and back to normal, overdraft is now paid in full every month, am currently paying of about £100 on my barclaycard and have about £1000 to go, limit is £1400. Minimum payment is about £30 so am over that. My car finance is paid off early 2014 and have not missed a payment since 2011. In fact have missed any payments since 2011. There are no overdue payments on my credit file, just previous late ones, and obviously the 2 yr old satisfied defaults. Will over a year good behaviour bear any substance, and I mean not a single missed payment or am I just setting myself up for a big fall? Thanks
  8. Ok fine so it's safe to do that then. I doubt its going to make a difference to my score anyway, defaults are not healthy but at least having it shown as satisfied may work in my favour if nothing else.
  9. Thanks for the reply. They finally got back to me today asking for a screenshot of my credit file, and then they will update it. Is that normal? Surely they must be able to check their own records? I don't mind but it seems a bit personal
  10. To cut a long story short, I had 3 payday loans, and defaulted on them all and fair dos I have 3 defaults on my credit file. I paid all these debts off in full via repayment plans i.e £50 a month etc. No final settlement, each one I paid off what they asked. Should these not be marked as paid in full on my credit file rather than "satisfied?" Because it says on my credit file that my score is affected because all my non mail order accounts have not been settled as per the lenders satsifaction, yet ive paid the whole amount they asked for, and yes i was late paying but i never missed a payment once i was on repayment plans. Secondly, my original debt with payday express was £480, the default date was November 2011. I have since paid back the whole £480 via monthly repayment plan, this was paid off in the beginning of October 2012 and yet my payday express balance is showing as outstanding on my credit report - by the whole £480 and that no payments have been made!!!!! I have written to them several times and asked them to update it but they are ignoring me, now they have had my money they are not interested in talking to me. Can anyone please advise as i am very cross
  11. Hi All, Quick question, I settled my payday express debt at the begnning of October, i was in a repayment plan, paid £50 a month and I settled the account early in full. However on my credit file it shows a default (which yes i defaulted) but it shows the amount outstanding as £480 which was the original debt last year! I have paid in full and this is hugely unfair. They are ignoring my requests to update my file, and im really getting cross now. Could anybody please advise? I appreciate the default will remain but I want it to say satisfied and a zero balance. Thanks
  12. They do it on eBay sometimes if you register a card, and some hotels even do it when you check in, they may even freeze an amount in your account, I.e if your room rate is £80 they will freeze £80 in your account, therefore you can't give them a card number for an account that you know is empty and then do a runner without paying. I don't mean to come across as insulting or judgemental, it's just that this is becoming more common practice now, and as much as you kick up a fuss nothing may really come of it. I honestly think that if you were not charged for the overdraft just to perhaps let it go and move on (in the nicest possible way)
  13. They explained twice to you that it was not taken and put into their account, and ure still demanding an explanation of who gave authority for the money to be taken? The director is only going to tell you the same thing anyway so they probably are not worried about you advising them that. If the bank have charged you for the overdraft why not pursue the complaint and ask for a refund of the charge? And saying "I demand" is a bit old fashioned and self important, no harm on being firm but quite frankly you can get a point across without being so aggressive
  14. Thanks for your replies. They also put that our letter is the first contact they have received advising that the account is subject to statute limitations. But surely they knew this as it was from 2002? They then said in view of this they have closed our file and sent it back to Activ Kapital, but they enclosed a leaflet about the financial ombudsman an said this we should contact them BUT they have not acted contrary to the OFT guidelines so therefore we are wasting our time. How can they refute and then say our file is closed? I presume by them giving it back to Activ Kapital means that another DCA will come knocking.
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