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  1. Thanks guys. When you say 'breach of contract'-there was never a formal contract offered or signed-in the direct sales business that don't happen! After about 3 months they e-mailed an 'agreement' which I never returned to them because I would not accept it in the punitive and restrictive form they sent.
  2. I am the creditor and am owed approx.£800 in unpaid commissions from a company I no longer work for (I am self-employed). I have written to them twice (first time to a named Director,second to their Legal Dept.) Recorded Delivery enclosing supporting paperwork and giving them plenty of time to pay me(first letter was dated 2nd March) but they have completely ignored me-not even an acknowledgement.The second letter I sent informed them if I wasn't paid by 27th April I would commence a legal claim. Again,no reply. I have bought Patricia Pearl's book on small claims,and in there it says before
  3. Just to clarify,no I'm not the creditor here as my earlier posts show.I was just following Andy's post which, for the purposes of illustrating his point ,took the viewpoint of the creditor.
  4. Presumably then I couldn't recoup the debt from anyone else's bank if say there was money in a wife's account? Because the debt is not in their name.
  5. Thank goodness ignorant people like me can get educated on a site like this by people like you!
  6. What's a Third Party Debt Order? And a Receiver for an equitable execution? You've all been really helpful,many thanks.
  7. Andy,you mentioned compromise through mediation.I am trying to avoid having to go to court here,so if I offer to go to mediation and abide by the decision made there,would that mean that the creditor would not take out a summons against me?
  8. Thanks everyone for your help
  9. Forgot to ask-if I make an offer to pay a creditor,can they apply for a CCJ anyway??
  10. Thanks guys.Much appreciated.
  11. Is it a legal requirement for a Notice of Intended Litigation to be issued to the 'debtor' before a County court claim can be made? If a solicitor sends a letter saying their client has instructed them to issue court papers if no offer is made,does that constitute a Notice of Intended Litigation?
  12. Hi. Can someone please tell me if a CCJ has to be obtained by a creditor before a Charging Order can be granted,or can they apply direct for a Charging Order without the CCJ? Thank you.
  13. It's not the fact that they are copies-these copies weren't sent as a result of a S78,but under the 3 letter/estoppel system. As I understand it (I probably don't!!)the 'contract' has to be signed AT THE SAME TIME by both parties in order to be a valid one. This appears not to be the case with these copy docs.Also there are supposed to be 'prescribed terms'-does this mean the Terms and Conditions sheet they sent?
  14. I need to know whether the copy documents they have sent are CCA compliant or not.Thanks
  15. Hi citizenb. If you mean have they sent a court summons/claim,no they haven't yet.
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