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  1. It's just not information I would like them to be able to access.
  2. Okay so is there anything else I could do?
  3. Hello All, I had a student account with an overdraft, which has been passed on a DCA, now I did speak to them numerous times over the phone ages ago but that was before I knew better. Now I am kind of stuck on what to do as I had told them before that I could not afford the repayments as I was a student. Could I try to reclaim anything?
  4. Hello all, Is there a form or a letter I can send to the DWP to withdraw consent from them in terms of contacting my employer?
  5. I would need to get back to you on that.
  6. Thank you very much for the letter draft, I would still like some more security before sending this, call me paranoid if you must.
  7. Okay so a revival of this as it has been passed to Lowell, So I sent a letter to them saying that a 3rd party would take over payment and they said they cannot allow this as they would need me to sign a document to let the third party deal with it. Does anyone know how I would be able to allow the third party to get access without a signature or make it to that if they did try to lift it or any funny business it would be obvious/ not possible.
  8. Would they have to provide the original as my account was pre 2007? I was thinking this was the case as they have provided no of the T&C's nor any other documentation listed. I thought the purpose of asking for a CCA was to prove that you agreed to the terms prescribed?
  9. I didn't fall for it otherwise I would be here asking about it in detail as something looked fishy to me.
  10. Also my signature cannot be found anywhere on the document they sent.
  11. I have to send them a CCA request? I verbally requested one and that was their response. From what have read so far this is neither a the original nor a reconstituted credit agreement. It was just screen caps of a Bcard application file.
  12. I'm not sure about the last payment, probably around 2010 to Barclaycard. The account was opened in 2006 around September
  13. Hello all, So to give the background, I had a Barclaycard debt that was sold to Robson Way, they contacted me by letter to say they had taken over the debt. I called them (a mistake maybe) & told them that I had sent a CCA request to Barclay card. They sent me a letter saying that they had queried this with Barclaycard. Then I got a letter saing that the Original agreement couldn't be found and they sent a reconstituted one. Not to mention that they have now given 10 days to make a repayment proposal. Saying all of this what I received were some scr
  14. As far as I know there is a letter (in the library or forums) you can send of to tell them they are not allowed to visit your home and if they do so law enforcement will be called.
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