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  1. Hi, There's nothing you could apart from paying £400 or above (in cash), they won't accept cards. Theres no law that governs private clampers. I have put a claim through small claims court, haven't had anything back yet but do keep your £2.00 ticket/receipts safe if your looking to put a claim in. Try not to challenge midway parks because they'l end up damaging your vehicle or might demand double money for releasing your vehicle. Sorry Hope this helps
  2. I've paid £410 for the release of my vehicle and my bonnet is dented. They were so rude and abrupt, I have been advised to take it to small claims court for a settlement. Thanks for the advice, I will be contacting trading standards and I am aware that theres not law that governs private clamping companies, I'm dissappointed!
  3. My car has been towed away today by Midway parks. I was told by the operator that my ticket displayed was not clear therefore they've towed and stored it in there compound. I park in the carpark on a daily basis and I am positive I checked my screen before leaving the carpark. I am assuming that they tilted my car so the tickets facing the other way. I called and was asked to pay £350 in cash! when I argued it went up to £375. I told the operator I will be taking it to court and was told that I won't be receiving a receipt once the car fee is payed. I went 5min left to 6pm and th
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