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  1. That's not the case Antone, not in this instance anyway. the person I'm talking about has a private water supply and does not pay any water charges at all when not on benefits. Yet now on full benefits, she has been told to pay 10 per cent of what her council tax would have been, taken to court, and the collectors are taking £10 per fortnight off what the government has deemed it necessary for her to live on - plus 10 per cent for themselves!
  2. Where I live, Dumfries and Galloway, it's happening already even if you have no savings whatsoever. And those on full benefits, who don't pay the 10 per cent CT demanded of them, are taken to court (without being notified first because it's Scotland) and the debt is passed to collectors to pick up with a 10 per cent for the collectors on top!!!
  3. Thank you IdaInFife for trying to help - I'm sorry about your eyes being sore, looking up things to help me and I really appreciate that. The bank paid out for the funeral but they then allowed my brother to close and empty the account, sending him a cheque for the remainder of the money which was deposited into his personal account. He didn't tell me this. The bank, I'm sure, doesn't have to deal with both executors but it does only have authorisation to pay out according to the paperwork it has. It had a will with two executors named on it but allowed only one to close the account and empty
  4. Thanks for that CitizenB. I've already contacted the local sheriff court but all I got was a link to an advice site. I'm going to go into the court next week and see if I can buttonhole someone into advising me. I need a Grant of Administration because, not only has my brother not provided me with any accounts (nor, needless to say a penny piece), he has also held onto ever penny in his personal bank account. Added to that, when I discovered the bank had paid out to him, he wanted to use the money from that account for something totally different from the will. He was almost contestingno-on
  5. Thanks IdaInFife. The estate is worth more than £5,000 and has been called a "small estate" by my brother who said that a Grant of Administration wasn't needed because of this yet went onto empty accounts, etc. He has sacked my mother's flat - police refused to get involved because he'd had POA - and has not shown me any proper accounts. When I discovered that he'd emptied one bank account, I approached the bank. The police said to get the paperwork, i.e. see if he'd forged my signature or anything. I got a copy of the will he'd used which had a blank space where my address should have be
  6. Thanks for the voice of sanity CitizenB. It was actually getting me to wonder if it was my own thinking that wasn't joined up. It's like living in cloud cuckoo land where the police won't do what they're supposed to do, the banks can change wills....... God help us all.
  7. Thanks for that. I feel better just having got this aired here. God knows what it would be like without a site like this where at least you can see you're not on your own against these crooks. I can't believe they're allowed to change what are the terms and conditions of a will. If I'm joint executor then I'm joint executor. Their reply to me today has really hit me hard. It's not even grammatically correct, as you'll see. I've left out names and stuff: "Please note that we have sent all paperwork which was sent to the previous correspondent to you. As advised in your letter regardin
  8. Thanks for that CitizenB - I wondered about that myself. I'm so angry I'm almost in tears. They don't need to identify me because when I found out what he'd done I phoned them and got told about the will with my address missing from it. It took three letters to get them to send me that although they sent me all the letters they'd sent to him - which included an indemnity. They said on the phone that it was their policy, if the account contained less than 10k, to allow the first one to appear with the correct documentation to close it or whatever???! But today's letter when I asked what el
  9. I am absolutely fuming at RBS and would like any advice, suggestions from anyone as to what I should do next apart from tear my hair out. I am joint executor of my late mother's will. My brother asked if he could handle the administration of it on his own and was told, categorically, through a lawyer he has acting for him in another matter, absolutely no way. He told his lawyer he would contact me. He did not. Now he has emptied one of my mother's bank acounts with RBS and the bank is telling me it's a family dispute and to seek legal advice. They sent me a copy of
  10. The saga with my brother goes on...and on...and on. His lawyer told me in March that the house (of which I have half) had gone onto the market. I had a look and found that it was on at £30,000 less than a house round the corner sold for a few months prior. He missed the deadline for stamp duty, etc. Anyway, when I pointed this out to the lawyer I heard nothing back. Now I have a letter from another lawyer in the same firm saying that the house "simply is not selling" and my brother is prepared to offer me £45,000 for my half. It's on the market at £148,000. That is £30,000 lower than one round
  11. Just an update for everyone who's been so helpful. I saw a solicitor who said leave it as I can act on the shortfall re contents after distribution of the estate but I've just discovered now that he's selling the house at 30k below the lowest asking price in the area?!! And the contents that were worthless are even in the photographs! Now I'll have to do something about it. I am so sickened and so gutted it's unbelievable. How can a brother do that?
  12. I'm glad you got it sorted within a month - I'm six months down the line from closing mine which also served no purpose and they're still taking charges and paying someone a fiver a month! Hope someone's listening to me too because I'm going to the Ombudsman. At the time I closed the account I hadn't had a statement from them in more than 10 months, despite repeated requests.
  13. I closed a business account with Lloyds TSB in November and when their daily texts showed that the direct debits had been cancelled I thought that was that. Today I put an old sim in a mobile and found that they had been paying someone a fiver a month - haven't got a clue who - and have been running up charges?! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm fuming as I closed the account due to lack of service, having not even received a statement in more than 10 months.
  14. Thanks for that dalifnei. I am not an executor although if I was I wouldn't know as I still haven't seen a copy of the will. I am a major beneficiary, along with my brother who says he's executor which he is now. Whether he is named as an executor in the will or not is anybody's guess, he may well have just taken on the role and paid the dues of confirmation. The estate is split between him and me. He has emptied the house of all contents, saying they are worthless when they were not, including lamps, paintings, ornaments, beds, furniture, pots and pans, crockery, etc. etc. If I have hal
  15. I'm not a lawyer and do sympathise with what you seem to be going through. I don't know all your circumstances from what you have posted here but, given what you have said, if it was me I'd be inclined to acknowledge the debt and plead poverty, let them take me to court and ask the judge to grant an order where I only had to pay them something like £1 a month! This is just what I would think of doing so that any court order is, in effect, against them so I could get on with my life.
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