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  1. Oh, lol. Is there nothing that can be done to stop these companies doing this? Surely they are breaking the law somehow?
  2. You guys are great! I feel embarrassed that I know so little regarding contractual law and plain silly that I even bothered to contact the company before coming here! To say I was feeling vulnerable would be an accurate description for my mood yesterday, and that is exactly what these companies do - like so many others - they prey on the vulnerable! I am "blogging" this on Facebook and hope to inform as many people as I can. My boss/friend recently paid one and was urging me to pay mine! She's going to feel rather embarrassed and angry too!
  3. And fast may it come! 14 years I have been passed my driving test and never had a sniff of bad luck let alone fine/prosecution for illegal/bad driving or parking! Have posted pictures of the "P C N" and the parking signs onto my Facebook - not sure if I can link it here yet, but I think the case is about closed!
  4. Deceptive They use the PARKING CHARGE NOTICE in order for it to appear as a PCN. Had seen the Youtube clip - thanks! I was mithering because I had admitted being a driver over the telephone, but inadmissable or not in court, there were no security checks to determine my identity during the call! I will update as necessary, but for now I will do nothing more! Thankyou all, once again.
  5. The automated response to my call said it may be recorded for training purposes (You know the usual stuff!) I did not put anything inwriting yet and wondered if I might write to say I am refusing to pay and that I was not the driver - if I get challenged on the phone call I will claim I was confused and not thinking straight after receiving the letter or was being sarcastic??? Really unsure what to do - even more so since reading the Money Expert guide. The only mitigating circumstance I have left is the charge is exorbitant.
  6. Also not sure where I got the 3 hours from as I have re checked the PCN and it doesn't state on there, anywhere, what the maximum stay time was? Maybe it was mentioned in the phone call to the company. Sorry to ask for confirmation yet again, but even though I have admitted over the phone (Probably recorded call) that I was indeed the driver, I should still make no further contact (Not even to deny being the driver) or pay the charge notice?
  7. The carpark is free - the signage doesn't actually state "Free for x amount of hours" it just states "4 hours maximum stay" I was there for 4 hours 20 minutes! Although I spent over 20 minutes actually locating and pulling into a parking space - does this count for anything? Sign says "MAXIMUM STAY" does stay also include the time you take driving around? So nowhere does it state a charge per hour, waivered for so many hours for customers. The sign states a £50 charge rising to £75 if not paid within 14 days of the PCN.
  8. OMG - I am so twitchy in whether to pay or not - going to drive over and have a look at their sign. I have admitted being the driver but thought the contract part was negligable? I really really don't want to pay this, but want, even less, to pay any more! It is very annoying as I was in the carpark designated for the shopping centre whilst actually shopping the whole time - 4 days before xmas which is why I was so long!
  9. Really hoping someone can help here! I received a PCN today stating I had parked for 4 hours 20 minutes in a private carpark and the maximum time allowed was only 3 hours. The company is Inner Guard Security. They have pictures of me entering and leaving the carpark. There are signs stating parking terms. (Of which I was not aware) The fees are usually free (Up to 3 hours) with no option to pay to stay longer. Over the telephone to the com[any I stupidly admitted being the driver. What now? Will they pursue this to court? Should I write to their appeals de
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