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  1. update- My legal cover examined my case and refused to take on the case due to limitation of proceedings and recommended FOS Fos - looked at my complaint and state it was pre FSA 2005. just planning where to go to next.... seems like no one wants to help with these cow boys.
  2. just to update.... Very little or no response from Trading Standards... Office of fair trading advice is to seek independant legal advice. Luckily, I have a legal cover from my employer. I have spoke to them and just filled out my claim form for them to assess. Hoping they will take it up for me.
  3. Fos are saying I need to chase up the individual insurance companies..... emailed the OFT. Without the knowledge of the law im not sure where i am going at the minute or even if i have a case !?!?
  4. these gits are getiing away with this, there are 100's of similar cases like this...... im in the process of emailing every government department I can.
  5. Still nothing from trading standards. Reponse from DAF telling me to get lost and laughing as they tell me don't bother going to FOS. Which i have confirmed with FOS this afternoon. Not sure what to do next....
  6. update.... Well i have reported this matter to Trading standards but had no response as of yet. I reported via a telephone reporting line. as i have had no response, i have took the bull by the horns. I have wrote them a letter of complaint asking for a refund for all monies paid to them. I am a little concerned by the pre 2006 as my agreement was 2002 however i'll cross that bridge if and when it comes to it. The fact of the matter is my agreement was frautulently changed without my knowledge.
  7. Now reported and awaiting contact
  8. thanks DX, do i or trading standards pursue the payments etc
  9. Thanks dx, I'm not sure of the likelihood of getting my money back but prefer to do the right thing in any case.
  10. Dx, sent u a pm and email. thanks
  11. Thanks dx, currently at work and can't read the pm from my phone. Will reply later. Thanks
  12. There are 74 pages on the SAR
  13. dx tghank you for your help I have not posted that page on the PDF, I needed 3 x referee's i had my father, brother and sister in that order. on the SAR there is a utility bill with my dads name as he was my number 1 referee. It appears that it has been tipexed or removed and some name i have never heard of is there and the relationship is still circled as my 'parent'. can post it if you want but it has some random persons details
  14. hi DX... think i have managed to sort the files into pdf
  15. yes, no probs, will have to wait till tomorrow now. thanks
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