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  1. ok so the repo was stopped

    did it go to court

    what did the judge order be repaid PCM

    do you know?


    as you say CS are powerless


    something not right here or I'm being thick which is pretty std where legal stuff is concerned


    The CO was to make her pay the monthly payments of almost £400.

    She didnt know enough to do a proper income/expenditure work out etc.


    That tho was almost 6 years ago.

    FP coukd easily go back to court and get the repo.



    But i wonder

    a. Has she paid too much back now for them to win. And

    b. Back to the original post the way it has been handled in the last few weeks seems very suspect to me.



    I wrote the letter and accused FP of false representation in using eversheds letter when they arent dealing with it.

    Eversheds know nothing about this letter being sent which means they didnt send it but FP did.

    Must be illegal that.

    Claiming to be a legal firm and stating the settlement fig includes eversheds costs.



    So I point this out in the letter after THEY said to write THEM (FP) and all they do is pass this to CS

    That cannot be right

  2. ok so the repo etc is nowt to do with firstplus/cs/eversheds debt that you want too F&F on?





    Yes it was for the second secured loan with firstplus which has now been passed to CS. It's as if FP may think that they would not have much of a case in court to follow up the repo order as the amount that has been paid to date on the original loan and now with all this confusion and what has happenes.

  3. ERM the debt is subject to a co so why is she paying anything at all?


    Sounds to me like she's been cash cowed too


    Have you a copy of the ccj and the. Co?


    Have you sent everyone involved an sar to get all the statements?


    There should be no int or additional charges being added to a ccj/co unless the judgement of the ccj specifically states they can charge them


    Sorry but Eversheds and c's are the biggest fleecers out there


    I think you've been had blind


    You also need to stop conversing on the phone

    You need a paper trail




    Apologies not a CCJ but a reposession hearing which now has a suspended repossession order.



    My fault.

    It's all been very stressful for her but we hope to get a letter from CS soon

    so will see what they respond with or whether they ignore the offer if they have even received it from FP.



  4. Quick outline of case first.


    My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal)

    they then split not long after.


    She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus.

    She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc.


    Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that.


    She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plus then marked it as defaul and passed the debt to Credit Solutions.


    They have been tootally unhelpful when she tried to negotiate lower monthly payments stating that this wouldn't even pay the interest and charges so £400 was the minimum she could pay.


    So a few weeks ago I got her to ring Credit Solutions to ask for a redemption figure.


    The latest statement from them stated the balance to be £5200.

    They said they had to go back to First Plus.


    We then received a letter from "Eversheds LLP" reason for quotations will become clear.


    Panicking she ran Eversheds as the figure in the letter was just over £13000 stating "this includes our charges up to the redemtion date".


    So panickinng she rang them (Eversheds) who stated

    " we do not hold an account for you relating to First Plus and have not dealt with them in over 3 years.


    So confused she rang First Plus who stated yes this included interest and charges from Eversheds


    . The reason CS held the balance as £5200 was because the interest and charges had been frozen?? Confusing.


    She advised that she had been offered a bit of cash from her father and was wanting to make an offer.


    The Firts Plus agent advised to write in explaining her circumstances and with an incomne and expenditure sheeet and this would go before managers.


    So we did that, explaining that she has been struggling, detailing stress and problems at home as she has a disabled child too and sent an offer of £3000 for full and final settlement.


    we hear nothing for just under 2 weeks when yesterday a letter arrives from First Plus saying following your correspondence the debt has been passed to Credit Solutions?????


    And to contact them. your correspondence has been passed to them also


    she rang Firstplus stating she had sent a letter offering a full and final settlement as THEy had asked.


    The agent said that it looked as if proper process had not been followed, explaining it should have gone to a manager etc.


    Again my gf pointed out the Eversheds, Oh yes that will include their charges again she says. To which my gf advised of the call to Eversheds who had nothing to do with it.


    The agent than said yes the debt really should not have been handled like this but you will have to contaft CS.


    This all sounds to me like they have really messed this up and leaves us open for a complaint.


    Also we do not know if they have passed the letter to CS reegarding the F+F Offer.


    Does anyone have any advice on what we should do, and if we have decent grounds to get CS to accept the F+F offer?


    I also think CS will bounce it back to First Plus.


    All very confusing


    . Writing this just before leaving work so if it is a little rushed this is why. But we are foaming and just wanting to clear this debt with the £3000 we have sitting waiting for them.


    Any advice appreciated.


    Many thanks

  5. Hi,


    I have a question I hope someone can help me answer.


    My mam passed away last year and left an invalid will that was unsigned. She therefore died Intestate, 1 of the 4 brothers was tasked with carrying out the administration of Mams estate.


    The will had stated that the money was to be left to his children, however as it was unsigned and therefore invalid the money would be shared amongst the 4 brothers.


    He then 'informed' us all several months later that he was going to go ahead with Mams wishes and give the money to his children.


    I sought legal advice, sent 2 letters through a solicitor, put a Caveat in place to stop him dealing with the estate, etc etc. This stopped him in his tracks.


    Now myself and another brother are going to administer the estate and share the money according to intestate.


    However this has left me with a £1000 legal bil which I have now paidl.


    My question is, since my brother acted in this way and forced me to take legal action, am I therefore able to claim my legal costs from the estate that i incurred in getting him to stop what he was doing. At the tijme he had not obtained the letters of administration or been to probate court but rather attempted to do it all without the need for this.


    It was only when probate was required, to deal with mams flat and some shares that he then backtracked and said he was going to administer it correctly, At this time of course the trust had gone so me and another brother are now handling things.


    I think its unfair that I have paid these costs through his actions, my other 2 brothers are now going to get money that he would not have given them, yet I will be significantly out of pocket.


    I aim to get the legal costs from the estate which means that everyone shares the burden evenly.


    I would be grateful of any advice as I am due to attend probate court on Monday.


    Thank you

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