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  1. Thank you MRHBK, e-mail sent so hopefully will get a reply !!
  2. Hi All,Looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help...I have a payday loan with payday express for £400 which I have had since bout last June !!I couldn't afford to pay it all off so they rolled it over & charged me £80.the following month I got an e-mail to say they would roll it over again automatically & charge another £80, which I was fine with as I really still couldn't afford to pay.They continued to do this every month & in December I got a bonus so when I got the e-mail from them, I replied to it asking them to take the full £400 on my next payday which is what the e-mail told me to do if I didn't want the loan rolled over.Anyway have just realised that they did not take it and are still charging me £80 every month, I haven't been keeping on top of my banking or my e-mails etc as I have been swamped with work hence why I haven't noticed until now !!I still have the e-mail I sent to them asking them to take the full amount, just wondering if I can challenge this & get them to take the 3 x £80 that they have charged since then from my balance or is it my own stupid fault for not noticing & just have to live with it !! Any advise would be much appreciated I have no idea when it comes to companies like this !! Thanks
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