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  1. Thing is, by giving her money its kinda admitting responsibility - did the original £900 go through the books?
  2. Well normally they take your credit/debit card details and or if they clock your ip address it can be used to prove it was you. Contracts don't have to be written to be enforcable.
  3. depends wether they class the business as doing it or you. Tbh if the work wasn't up to standard you should possibly have been given the option to remedy the situation first.
  4. would just be the general contract between parties - they offered a product/service, are unable to provide the original and the new is drastically different
  5. Read the many many posts about Sale of Goods act and goods being fit for purpose/lasting long enough
  6. Well thats what I had - had a letter from a Barrister no less stating that I wasn't living there at the time and neither the company that were offering the credit nor the cra were willing to remove the cifas warning. There are several cifas warnings and mine was for attempting to gain credit with partially true info/withholding info or somethign to that effect.
  7. I'd say that as they'd drastically changed the event he she be entitled to a full refund (if so wanted).
  8. Yup if it continually breaks down you should be able to request a replacement. May have to threaten legal action though. How did you pay for the machine?
  9. well if he doesn't give his previous addresses and only has a few months at the current one he won't get credit either and as I found to my annoyance (due to incorrect data on cra file) if you don't disclose prior addresses when asked you get a CIFAS warning on your file too.
  10. well if its cheaper then more people will use it so it will flourish...
  11. a quote is just a quote though, unfortunatley when it came to the transaction you agreed to what they were charging then. I think any refund will be more of a good will gesture than due to legal reasons.
  12. Also the ccj will be registered with the cra who are not just in the UK - he will find it very difficult to get any credit anywhere in Aus/NZ/US with a ccj.
  13. If its cheaper 5 mins away why don't you get the exercise, save some money and help support what I guess is an independant shop?
  14. I was wondering about this as I asked there the other day as to what would happen and I got the response that a student account would turn to a graduate one with a reducing interest free overdraft over 3 years. Surely this coupled with the fact that if you were told that would be the case 3 years ago should provide a verbal contract?
  15. Just remember that computers DONT hold their value and something worth £1k a year ago will only be worth £500 now.
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