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  1. Hi Alan, The Amex card was Amex Platinum. I am totally confused with the process now as have been reading many contradictory posts on the site. I am in the process of doing the following: 1. Send letters to creditors asking for "hold on my account" - this will go to those where only 1 payment late 2. Send letters to creditors asking for copy of CCA - this will go to the likes of MBNA / AMEX / NEWMANS DCA 3. Send letters asking for agreement to a payment arrangement including my I&E Is this the correct procedure I shoudl follow or should I go straight to a paym
  2. Thanks S - So would you suggest I attempt to write to NEWMANS first thing tomorrow with a view to offering a small amount? (it was originally £3500 but having paid off about £1750 over last 3 months) After what period does the debt "officially" default? If i avoid a default but the credit file states many late payments how long does that stay on file for?
  3. As far as i am aware non are showing in default just yet but lots are now showing as late payments. I want to continue to make the payments but simply cant afford them all now as my salary has reduced by over 50%. My AMEX shows as 5 late payments. How can I stop this from getting worse / default or by agreeing to a payment arrangement is that pretty much thier anyway?
  4. Hi Brig and thanks for your prompt reply. Can you please elaborate on your question re credit ref files? I check these regulalry and see that late payments are notified and that my AMEX card is now glowing lots of RED!
  5. Hello, I have turned to this forum as I am now close to despair with my debts. I have been self employed for 11 years but lost my contract in the middle of last year. I had attempted keep my payments on credit cards and AMEX charge card on time but started to struggle after 4 months of using savings and fell behind with a number of debtors. When I approached them for help after years of on time payments they didn't want to know!! I have now returned to full time employment but the accrued debt is too large for me to catch up on based on my new salary (which is still wrong as im
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