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  1. More importantly did you ever receive a Notice of Assignment ? I never received a Notice of Assignment. It was sent to me only after my CCA and CPR requests. Many thanks again for your help so far, Andy.
  2. Ok, on that basis the CCA agreement looks fine, but they have not sent me copies of default notice or termination letter. If they don't provide these, can they still enforce? I certainly never received any. The court directions are the standard ones for a small claim and they are not due for some time. Many thanks for your help, Andy
  3. Sorry, Andy, I'm a bit slow today but just to clarify, are you saying that if the card was issued by Halifax under licence from SAV, then they have complied with the s 78 request to supply the agreement referred to in the particulars of claim?
  4. The agreement number is the Aqua Card Agreement I entered into with Halifax. One of my issues is with their statement that the original creditor was Progressive Credit Ltd
  5. Hi Andy Not sure what to complete on the link but I've read the guides and many of the threads. Thanks. POC Claimant: Aktiv Kapital Defendant [ name' solicitor [name] 'The claimant claims the sum of [ ] for debt and interest. On [ ]11.2006 the defendant entered into an agreement with progressive Credit Limited for a credit card under reference......... On [ ]/09/12 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of [ ]. On [ ]/01/13 the debt of [ ] was assigned to Aktiv Kapital. Notice of Assignment was sent to the defendant in accordan
  6. It's just that they've insisted on an offer of settlement which is higher than I can afford but I need to know if I should try and find a way to raise money to settle with them if I have no prospects
  7. Thanks for your quick reply. 22.8.14. no, It's listed for a hearing in a few months, I have not got the date with me just now.
  8. I've been a member for some time and though have used a lot of the advice found here (thanks) but this is my first post. I need some urgent advice please. I took out an Aqua Credit card back in 2006 which fell into arrears after in 2011 I unfortunately became unemployed and could not repay. The CCA agreement has Halifax Plc as the creditor. The debt was sold on and a court Claim was issued by Aktiv last year for £1700. The particulars of claim states that the credit agreement was with Progressive Credit Limited, and that the account was assigned fro
  9. I plan to lodge it tomorrow morning; started drafting the statement. Just a quick question, does it affect my prospects if my financial difficulties were not caused by unemployment but by other unforseen but urgent and necessary financial expenses? I missed two payments before they started the action and I have since made one of those payments. Thanks again
  10. Thank you Ell -enn I've already started completing the budget form
  11. This is my first post. Unfortunately due to financial difficulties about two years ago because I did not have a job, I fell behind with my mortgage payments. The arrears were over £6000 and Chelsea obtained a possession order, suspended on payment of £100 per month in addition to current rent. I found a job and maintained payments as ordered. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the December 2012 payment because I had some financial problems which needed sorting out. Late last month Chelsea's solicitors wrote to me stating that they have applied to court for eviction date. I then paid the
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