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  1. thanks for reply mikey........i did have an IUC approx 5 months ago and it looked like i have an overpayment rem my capital from what evidence they showed me....i maintained it was not intentional and was a genuine mistake!.....the overpayment letter also mentioned i can appeal the amount so i think i will speak to cab or welfare rights to get help with this.....even though i dont know what good it will do IF they have already worked it all out??? i presume it is likely to go onto a summons too as reading on this board they do this as standard with amounts over 2k???
  2. hi thanks flumps the step mum has two appointees on her bank book but her step daughter sends the cheques to pay to the care home and other living expenses as the other appointee lives overseas..........and as far as i am aware the social worker was dealing with most if not all of the paperwork when the step mum went into full time care due to main appointee (actual daughter) living abroad........she just needs some advice on how best to go about informing the council re the mistake so she can put it right i think? she herself was having problems at that particular time and continues to do so
  3. a close friends relative has asked me to put this on the forum..... it is with regards to a benefit that her step mother is still getting since she went into a full time care home. attendance allowance i think its called..... well any way she noticed after receiving a letter from the council stating the increase on the payment this month.........she was under the impression this had been stopped????anyway cut a long story short after some investigation it seems that her step mother IS still in receipt of it and has been for approx 18months!! she will now get onto the coun
  4. hi all i have received a letter from income support regards the overpayment and it is in the region of 3,400 which has to be recovered. any advice on what is now likely to happen re how they recover the money and when the courts become involved re a summons etc as my life is really dark at the moment due to non stop worrying! many thanks
  5. dates are approx early 2007 to dec 11 so it is a long time just wish they had found the discrepancy alot sooner.......total nightmare
  6. new to this site and am in great need of help re my current case please..... Hi All, In need of as much info and advice as possible due to being contacted by the DWP Fraud Officers who allege I did not inform them of monies paid out when medically retired from work. I wrongly believed that you were allowed up to approx 14-16k in savings/redundancy payments without having to declare it as this would not effect any claim for Income Support,Council Tax benefit and help with Mortgage payments???? After receiving my redundancy which was approx 14k i paid off various creditors, s
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