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  1. Cheers for that mate. Have posted in PPI, luckily I focused on looking for documents for that rathen than retyping the letter. Only wish I had found this site before originally replying to the notice left on my window!!! And the only reason I decided I wasng going to pay was that I was in a bay and they want £80 (£120 after 7 days)!
  2. Hi everyone. I have put it off long enough and now Im venturing into reclaiming some money back for PPI. However I feel as if it is not going to be straight forward. Basically I have been trying to find out what loans I have had in the past as I have had a few but never seen them through long term. I cant recall which ones I took out online, and which over the phone although I know the Natwest one I took out in branch. So how will I find out which method I took out the Loans, which ones had PPI, and ultimately will it matter if I did take out the loan online or over the pho
  3. Yup I spent a fair few hours tonight reading details.. onto my next issue now, sorting out PPI claims!
  4. Can I assume that the only way these companies ever make any money is by people being bullied into paying then?
  5. The letter isnt readable i just noticed so i will type it out.. i have not posted enough to post a link of it.
  6. Hi Guys, New to the site and have been having a read around and there is some good info on the forums, especially considering this issue: I got a parking ticket by VCS for parking in Centertainment, Sheffield. It was for parking outside a designated bay. I do not believe I was, although the rear of the car may have been over the line behind me, but saying this there was nothing behined me to which I was obstructing. Now after reading all the advice on this forum I am firmly in the mindset to ignore them. Im pretty principle led to be honest and if I was on yellow lines etc, the
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