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  1. TonyaSG

    Tax credit fraud!!

    letter? I was at the doctors today (and was prescribed antidepressants for the stress of this and other stuff going on in my life right now!) and she suggested that i write them a letter explaining my circumstances in 2010 - 2012. that's the first bit of good advice i have been given! Can anyone advise what i say in my letter considering the fact that i don't know what i am being accused of? You see I am thinking that they already know my husband is linked to my address and i should therefore just be truthful about the series of events that led him back to my address.
  2. TonyaSG

    Tax credit fraud!!

    I think it will go on joint income - from reading around they will accept a long term payment plan. I have got together proof my ex wasnt living at my home full time - bank statements, TV license etc. It all does go on proving where he lives. I am just hoping that they believe me that he was there looking after the kids whilst I was working shifts, my employer can clarify dates etc from my work rota. I believe it sends the wrong message that the CSA are trying to promote about getting along with your ex. My other ex I go through the CSA with isnt being accused of staying at my house. Or maybe we have got it wrong by making the effort to go out to work. Either way I am not impressed. Also the waiting bit???? Insanely they continue to pay my tax credit- obviously I have put it in a separate account in case I have to pay it back. Get a grip tax credits!!!!
  3. Just been on the tax credit calculator. The most hilarious part is that had we have been living together, on what he earns and with me not working we would have been about the same financially!!!!!!!! Oh except I wouldnt have had to get up at 5.45am to go to work in the dark and work various shifts and not see my kids sometimes for days. I could have been at school every day, not stress about school holidays and where they were going to go. Oh I would still get every penny maintainence from my other ex. And not have the wear, tear and cost for my car of traveling the 42 mile round trip to work every day. I am feeling rubbish. As someone who has never ever done anything wrong or broke the law ever I am here worrying about going to prison for something I have not done and why?????????? For the first time in my life I can see why people do not bother going to work. I spend three years of my life at uni when maybe I should have just popped out a load of kids. Cheers for that tax credits REALLY helpful of you
  4. TonyaSG

    Tax credit fraud!!

    I spoke to my ex last night and we have decided to speak to a solicitor at a free advice clinic- I just googled free advice clinics and my town. Also I printed some definitions of partner off the tax office web site- it's the definitions that make the difference apparently. The tax office can check with schools etc to ask about how you both are perceived. I know my 5 yr old has written in his school log about visiting his daddy at his house. Also bank accounts and account status ect (I am over £1000 over drawn each month) will look at your lifestyle, holidaying twice a year? Big tvs? Designer wear etc.... It's horrible because I am going through this too. Waiting is the worst part.
  5. TonyaSG

    Tax credit fraud!!

    I am in a simialar situation. My ex stayed over (in the spare room) to help with child care so I could carry on working (no registered childminders for before 7.30am, after 6pm, weekends and nights now are there!) He owns the house we live in and continued to use the address for his business. The council tax and some of the bills were still in his name so we just continued it when i moved in. We have completed separate finances, never a cross over. We have both had other partners. We did start seeing each other again recently and when i rang tax credits they said the same as you- another office was dealing with it and they will contact me in 3 weeks!! Meanwhile i cant eat, sleep etc. Feel most stupid for bothering to go to work should have just claimed income support and had a quiet life!!!!! My ex is fully aware and says I am panicing over nothing- he had another address where he stayed when he wasnt looking after the children. Good luck with it, i do think you should tell your partner.
  6. I have recently had a letter from the tax credits stating they are investigating my claim as single person. I work unsocial shifts and my ex partner stayed in the spare room to allow me to continue working (I leave the house 6.45am if on days returning 8.30pm and work night shifts and weekends). During this time we both had other partners. My house is owed by my ex partner so he recieved mail and even had his business registered at my address. When he wasnt looking after the children he was at his own home. I felt pround that we had managed to stay friends and not had to resort to the CSA as I did with another ex partner and we havent spoken for years. I also felt pround of the fact I had continued my career, something I could not have done without the help of my ex. I was absolutely speechless that the inland revenue think I have deliberately done something wrong. I am as honest as the day is long. When I rang them they wouldnt let me explain anything instead saying someone would ring me in 3 weeks! I am unable to sleep. I did start seeing my ex parner again and he has been living with me since the begining of Feb. My friend says I am crazy to admit that to them as it looks really bad but its the truth! I knew that I had a month to tell tax credits and this has all happened within the month. Any advice from anyone? Have I done something wrong? Feel stupid for making the effort to go out to work, should have just claimed income support.
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