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  1. I have two old store card account cards which were last used around 2000/2001. I had a small credit on each of these cards as I always kept a positive balance on them. I did not close the accounts. I was informed by both companies involved that the accounts had been closed due to inactivity when i phoned them. They said they would have had no credit in order to close them. I received a reply to my second letter after no response after 8 weeks to the first sent re Evans Store card, now owned by Santander cards but administered by GE capital Global, from Santander. They say they no longer hold information, such as statements on my account due to the statute of limitations and they can't investigate further. They also say the FO Service have no juristiction on this matter. Is this correct? They have given me the address of the Finance and Leasing Association if i wish to complain further. Creation Financial Services who administer the Selfridges card have ignored both of my letters requesting information and a formal complaint. The first letter was sent in Mid December. Is there anything I can do? The balances in question are only small, but its the principle that matters. As far as i understood it banks are required to return balances from old inactive accounts. Do they differ from store card balances? Please advise. Puzzled. Thanks Iris.
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