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  1. I have been lead to believe that all of the care attendants will be split between the manager and the 2 assistant managers and they will all be responsible for their own team members including supervisions and appraisals. I have not been given any notice of redundancy/dismissal and they also have never given me anything in writing as the situation regarding my current post.
  2. the area manager, my manager and a 3rd manager from another scheme. Ideally i would hold my head up and accept the post if they offered it until i could find a suitable alternative employment as i have a mortgage and 3 kids to support. If this is not on their agenda, they I want them to pay for the hurt/stress that I have gone through since the 1st interview. I know what they are doing is wrong, I just dont know what and how to go about doing anything about it???
  3. yes they did. both posts are exactly the same and almost identical to my current post. The only difference is they have added supervisions and appraisals for staff which is not in my current contract. I am doing all other aspects of the new post already.
  4. No she is not as she works as a care attendant so this would have been promotion for her.
  5. When interviewed on the 27/1 it was for either of the new posts. I was asked which one I would prefer and my response was that I would prefer the 30 hr post but I would happily take the 25hr post if offered it. They would not give me any feedback from the 1st interview saying that it would be bias for them to do so if I applied for the post again. I strongly believe that the Manager has decided that she no longer wants me on her team and this is the reason for me not getting one of the positions in the first place. I also believe that is why they brought the 3rd person in the the equati
  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. As for the structure it is as follows: 1 manager 35hrs 2 admin 32 hrs each 1 senior care attendant contracted for 9 hrs but actually working 25-30hrs in the post due to being so busy 1 care coordinator - me- working 35 hrs. There has been no change to any other roles within the office of the manager or 2 admin staff.
  7. Thanks for your reply. 1. The meeting took place back in October when my manager returned to work from sickness. I was called into the meeting to discuss a letter of complaint that one of our clients had written about me. This had first come in back in July 2011 but because the manager had been off sick the area manager was investigating it. I had previously had a meeting with him and we discussed the complaint and I justified the points of complaint and he was drafting the letter to return to the client. It was to let me know that he had sent the letter and to give me a copy of this.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I am not in a union. I have looked on the ACAS website and did not get very far. Do u recommend calling them then?? Any info on having to go back to work before the interview?? Leisa
  9. I dont know if anyone can give me any advice on a worrying matter at work. I have been with my employers now for 8 yrs and am very competent in my current role. Last year i had a disagreement with my manager due the way that I dealt with situations in her absence. (she was off sick for approx 8 weeks). In that time I had little or no help or support from out head office and managed to keep things ticking over. Then she returned to work and was a completely different person. She was always on my back and picking up on minor things that I had done or not done. The working relatio
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