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  1. Hello Thank very much for your comments and advice. Churchill state that I must allow the Spalding garage the opportunity to rectify the faults before taking the car to a garage of my choice.
  2. Hello I would welcome advice for my problem. Last month, someone ran into my Land Rover Discovery which was parked outside my house, my insurance company Churchill insisted that the repairs were carried out by a company in Spalding. The car took quite a while to be repaired and I was given various dates as to when the car would be ready, it was finally delivered to my home on Tuesday afternoon after three weeks. The next day, I drove the vehicle and loud rumbling noise was heard and didn't drive properly, I rang the insurance who contacted the garage this morning. The garage claim that they must have the right to assess whether I have have damaged the car between Tuesday afternoon - which I have not. I asked our local garage to look at the vehicle, who found three faults, two of which relate to repairs not being carried out correctly and another due to damage in the initial accident which was not repaired. Issues involve the handbrake and bearings, which is worrying as I use the vehicle to tow every weekend. In short, the car is unsafe to drive, which I feel particularly distressing as I had been driving my children to and from school along country lanes with deep ditches. The garage are refusing to provide a courtosy car until they confirm that I have not damaged the car (!) and Churchill have offered a hirecar over the weekend, however this car has not yet arrived. Has anyone else encountered any problems similar to this? I only want my car to be repaired to a suitable standard for it to be road worthy and safe for myself and my daughters. Due to my circumstances, I require a replacement car whilst mine is off the road (ideally with a tow bar). Any ideas how I can resolve this issue with both the garage and Churchill? How can I ensure that my car is returned in a roadworthy state?
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