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  1. I did admit to the revenue guy that i used it before when i realised my silly mistake of saying no the first time due to embarrsment ! He gave some sort of verbal caution And told me to wait for a letter !
  2. Yh it was a standard ticket but it wasnt stamped the first time i used it! I knw it was my mistake showing it him But then i did admit i used it an bought a tiket eventhough the revenue guy said i didnt need to buy one. I am Really confused and worried !!
  3. The ticket was not stamped or anything and was valid for 5 days! Will this lead to a criminal prosecution or record ??
  4. I. Showed him an old ticket as otherwise he would have said how did i get past the barriers. And hence would have prosecute me
  5. Hey! Basically thus is wat happend ! I got on the train for pically and a ticket chek took place, i didnt have time To buy a ticket in the morning but was gna buy one on The train ! Wen the ticket officer came a showed him A ticket i had already used but was still valid ! N wen he asked me if i had used it before i said no as the train was full and everyone was looking at me ! He said he wud check Cctv and see if the ticket was used or not ! I realised i had made a mistake and then asked to speak to the Conductor further down the train an admitted i used the ticket before ! He took m
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