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  1. ah i see the reality is here is that i went to currys as one would normally in an out of town shopping complex. It did not cross my mind that i would need to pay in one of these locations as never seen this before. So i was in the shop for 33 minutes arguing over a broken router, didnt see any signs (but didnt look to be fair as wasnt expecting them) and didnt buy the £1.30 ticket - now i have a £60 or £100 'charge' as it says on the ticket - would happily pay £30 but this seems ludicrous! Should i just pay? just seems scandalous - the car park was empty - literally - ive read that they have to quantify their losses if asked - surely these couldnt be £100? THanks again Ross
  2. thanks for the response Details of my ticket: Excel Parking Issue date 18/07/2014 Contravention Date 10/07/2014 Received 22/07/2014 Fine £100 or redeuced to £60 if paid within 14 days of the issue date
  3. Hi there As mentioned in the subject line - the PCN i received yesterday gives me 14 days for the discounted period but according to law introduced in 2008 any PCN issued on private land by CCTV should have 21 days as the discount period Would this give me grounds for appeal to invalidate the ticket? Ticket was received in a Currys car park in stockport if there are differences by region Any help greatly appreciated Cheers Ross
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