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  1. Someone told me the other day I should pay as they know someone that was taken to court and lost not sure if its same company.But its got hubby more worried now!
  2. I have now had FINAL WARNING from Graham White solicitors saying their clients are now offering me a final opportunity to arrange settlement of the amount due... .or provide them with the info as to who was driving the car at the time. ..Ive already told them it was me!!! If I dont pay them in 14 days they are going to apply for an application to the court under Civil Precedural Rules 31.16 - Disclosure before proceedings start. then a load of stuff about rule 31.16!!!!
  3. What a shame Ive just missed a call from the debt collectors again!
  4. I will write this down and put it somewhere handy for my next phone call thank you
  5. thank you for all the advice hopefully hubby will chill out now
  6. I like that its funny its always a different mobile number when they ring. will try that next time thank you.
  7. Yeah it is graham White, Im sick of them phoning me now its doing my head in. Why oh why did I put my phone number on my appeal!!!
  8. Iam being hounded by roxbugh debt collectors at moment they have sent 2 letters and phoned me 3 times the 1st time the man was very rude & told me they could proove I did not have a ticket...I have a ticket h ended up putting phone down on me, then man just rang this afternoon saying if I dont pay my car can be seized!!! Hubby is getting worried but said Im not paying. Then got off phone to a letter from a solicitors now! What shall I do????
  9. I too got a parking ticket in Nov 2011 at the hospital I bought a ticket put it on my dash went to my appointment came back and saw I had a ticket on door, looked at dash and my icket had flipped over when Id shut the door but you could tell it was a ticket!!! I appealed and received 2 letters on different coloured letterhead saying my appeal was unsuccesful. Then I got a letter demanding payment from LDK then had 2 letters from Roxburgh and also 3 phone calls, 1st phone call the man said they would proove I didnt buy a ticket I said well funny that when I have my tic
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