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  1. Thank you for your kind replies. The Judge struck out the Claimants claim as on 2 occassions he set directions that they supply paperwork to the Court by a due date and they ignored both the Orders. The Judge Struck out their claim, Upon the Claimant having failed to comply with the Order on 25th April 2014 and further upon the Claimaint failing to serve a full breakdown of costs claimed as directed in a further order dated 7th May 2014 And upon no defence having been filed to the Counterclaim. It is ordered that The Claimants claim is struck out. Judgemen
  2. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what wording I should use to apply on a County Court Order to make an striking out order absolute. The Claim was Struck out by the Judge and gave the Claimants the right to apply to get it set aside within 7 days. The Claimants who happen to be a firm of solicitors did not apply to get it set aside and are now a long time outside the 7 days. Yet they are still chasing me for the debt and saying they will get the order set aside if I do not pay. Would anyone be able to tell me how I can go back to the Courts and now get the order made abs
  3. No I made an application to the Courts for an application to Request Judgement for my counterclaim Form n225. I also pointed out in a letter that the Claimant has ignored both orders and hasnt filed a single document, and I referred the Judge to their last email "that they stated, they have connections with the Court and do not have to comply with Orders" ! Their claim was struck out Wednesday. Then today they sent me a copy of a client care letter they had printed off saying we say we sent this too you 3 years ago. So im hoping they are not going to try and get it reinstated on fa
  4. Thank you for your reply. Their original claim has been struck out for failing on two occasions to comply with the Orders and deadlines. Will it be easy for them to get their claim reinstated ? Or will I be able to object ? Thank you
  5. Hi and thank you so very much for viewing my post. I posted previously about a firm of solicitors who for 5 years refused to give me any bills or invoices, and kept threatening to bankrupt me if I didn't hand over £3000 or sign an agreement agreeing I owed the debt. They would not tell me what they had done with the money they took from me at the outset £1500. They could never show me one single letter or phone call they made on my behalf. They commenced a claim in the County Courts without one bit of paperwork. I mounted a defence and Counterclaim. They did not respond
  6. Hi thanks for your kind reply. Its owned by Metropolitan Collection Services, who are owned by HSBC but effectively I cannot pay the loan to HSBC anymore as they say it has been passed to a third party collection agency, and also hence the Consent order for me to agree for the money to be given to them. So not sure about this point. Secondly, the £10k is subject to tax, HSBC say in their letter that this money may be subject to tax and I should keep a copy to enclose with my tax return........ can the bank just use all the money when technically its not all theirs to use ie i
  7. Hi I am new, but I followed all of consumer action's advice on reclaiming PPI. The bank upheld my claim and awarded me just under £10k this week for missold PPI I am disabled with Parkinsons disease. The policy was added to the loan without me knowing I was paying a loan at extorionate interest for many many years. boy was I pleased to hear this I just sat and cried I never believed someone like me could get their money back...... I can only thank consumer action for this help. This money would make a huge difference to me. But then the bitter blow wh
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